Watch: Jeb Bush Left Speechless By Young Democrat

  Wow, Jeb Bush got DESTROYED by this young Democratic activist. Boom! If Jeb Bush can’t even take tough questions on the campaign trail from teenagers, how is he going to hold up in negotiations with Putin or Iran? Hint: Not well! Jeb Bush has surrounded himself with the same failed economic advisors and foreignRead More

Breaking: Substitute Teacher Whips Students With Belt

  Substitute Teacher Whips Students With Belt, Maryland   This is just shocking folks. We had to share this because we wanted to provoke a discussion on violence against minors. It is a sad day when taxpayers dollars go to fund public school teacher substitutes who use this kind of violence in the classroom. WhileRead More

Watch: Obama Destroys Fox News With One Line

  President Obama Destroyed Fox News’ Coverage Of Poverty With One Line: “Very rarely do you hear an interview of a waitress, which is much more typical, whose got two kids and is doing everything right but still can’t pay the bills.” Instead, President Obama shared, “Fox News suggests that the poor are sponges, leeches, don’t wantRead More

Breaking: Hillary Clinton Admits Iraq War Vote Was A Mistake

Breaking Story: Hillary Clinton took several questions from the press today on the campaign trial in Iowa. Secretary Clinton answered the questions with ease and didn’t appear rusty at all after weeks of limited direct exposure to the press corps. Sec. Clinton admitted, rather forcefully, that her vote on the 2003 Iraq War was aRead More

Watch: CNN Panelist Explodes “I’m a trained social scientist, you’re wrong!”

  This is a must watch video! CNN contributor Dr. Marc Lamont Hill exploded at conservative troll Tara Setmayer, of The Blaze, and left her speechless with one line: “I’m not saying it because you’re a woman, I’m saying it because you’re wrong.” Boom! Dr. Hill’s comments came on the back of one of theRead More

Watch: Man Goes On Sexist Rant On Fox News “Women Belong At Home”

A man went on an aggressive, sexist rant on Fox News recently that blatantly attacked his female co-panelist while host Sean Hannity looked on and laughed. Lines like “Women Belong at Home,” “Women are less ambitious,” and this gem: “Women choose to earn less than men.” Newsflash: No one “chooses” to earn less, their employersRead More

Watch: Marco Rubio implodes on Fox New Sunday

Marco Rubio absolutely, unequivocally, disqualified himself for President today on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. You know things are bad when you can’t even answer the softball questions from Fox News without absolutely imploding. However, that’s exactly what Rubio did on Sunday when asked a very simple, straightforward questions about Iraq: “Was invading IraqRead More

Carly Fiorina Exposed As “Jobs To China” CEO during tenure at Hewlett Packard

  I have some advice for Republicans everywhere: if your record is so great, stand by it. Don’t go running to Fox News claiming to be a victim the second you get a question you don’t like. There are real victims of your policies throughout the country who are actually struggling. And don’t pull cheapRead More

Watch: George Zimmerman Shootout!

  America’s most racist vigilante has been shot. The details are murky and emerging, but we do know George Zimmerman has been shot in the face during an apparent road rage incident. Zimmerman received minor injuries and has already been released from the hospital. Matthew Apperson has admitted to the shooting. The men are involvedRead More

Watch: Stephen Colbert Donates $800,000 To Public Schools

Comedian and long-time Colbert Report host Stephen Colbert dropped a bomb on his home state of South Carolina recently: He donated $800,000 to South Carolina public schools. Stephen Colbert is a comedy genius, turned comedy god, turned multi-millionaire philanthropist who significantly increased his charitable giving with this game-changing donation to fund public education in his homeRead More