Watch: Ex-Reagan Advisor Proves Fox News “Self-Brainwashing” Makes Voters Less Informed

  Boom! Ex-Regan Advisor Bruce Bartlett Proves That Fox News “Self-Brainwashing” Makes Voters Less Informed.   It doesn’t get much better than this folks! When and ex-Reagan economic advisor publicly shames Fox News in an academic paper it’s like Christmas in May! Bruce Bartlett recently published an academic paper that labels Fox News as aRead More

Watch: Republican S.E. Cupp Turns On GOP, Destroys Own Party On The Death Penalty

Republican S.E. Cupp Turns On GOP, Destroys Own Party On The Death Penalty Do you support the death penalty? Do you think that the death penalty is a more significant punishment than life in prison? Do you feel that the death penalty is moral? The Death Penalty is one of those issues that tends toRead More

Breaking: Arkansas Police Destroy Sexual Assault Records of GOP Hero Josh Duggar

  Disclaimer: This blog post is not meant to bash Josh Duggar and his family. This entire situation is very sad and I hope that they have healed themselves and that he has received help. I hope that any victim of sexual assault can get the help that they need and deserve; it is aRead More

Watch: Warmonger McCain Wants U.S. To Invade Iraq…Again!

  Watch: Senator John McCain shamelessly blames President Obama and says “We’re Losing To ISIS.” The most recent national debate about the efficacy of the 2003 Invasion Of Iraq and whether 2016 Presidential Candidates think it was a good idea or not, knowing what they know how, has taken a dramatic twist. Warmongers like Sen.Read More

Fox Host: U.S. Kids Joining ISIS Because Of Multiculturalism

  U.S. Kids Find The Islamic State Appealing Because Of Multiculturalism   They say money doesn’t grow on trees, but I’m pretty sure that bullshit grows on trees given how frequently Fox News parades ignorant hosts on national television and allows them to spew hateful, idiotic right-wing rhetoric. Case in point: The video below shows aRead More

Watch: Fox Host “Black Lives Only Matter When They Are Killed By White Cops”

    Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera: “Black Lives Only Matter When They Are Killed By White Cops!”   Where do we begin? Well we all have heard the common bait and switch that Fox News Republicans throw out whenever there is massive media attention around unjust police brutality against African American men: What about allRead More

Stop Wasting Taxpayer Money Drug Testing Welfare Recipients!

  Stop Wasting Taxpayer Money On Drug Testing Welfare Recipients! I don’t know why, but there is a new debate that is resonating with the right and is starting to pull some from the center in: the idea is mandating drug tests for welfare recipients. On paper it sounds like a good idea. It gives youRead More

Watch: Fox Host Calls Sec. Clinton “Most Corrupt Woman In History”

  Wow: Fox New Host Calls Secretary Clinton “Most Corrupt Woman In History” Absolutely unbelievable. Fox News has hit a new low, when Fox’s Tantaros made the ridiculous claim that Sec. Clinton is the most corrupt woman in history. Honestly, I’m never at a shortage for words. And Fox is never at a shortage ofRead More

Watch: CNN Host Calls Hillary Clinton “Wealthy Fat Cat”

  Is Hillary Clinton’s Wealth A Problem? Is She A Wealthy “Fat Cat?” We certainly don’t agree with the second question, but there is certainly a perception problem right now regarding Hillary Clinton’s wealth that runs the risk of rubbing prospective voters the wrong way. Certainly it will be challenging for her in the DemocraticRead More

Watch: Panelist Explodes, Destroys Conservatives With One Line

  Why are the black rioters in Baltimore called thugs by the national media and yet the skinhead biker gangs in Waco, Texas aren’t? Great Point! NYTimes columnist Charles Blow made exactly that point on CNN when he pointed out the hypocrisy in GOP talking points and conservative media outlets like Fox News. Somehow it’s aRead More