Breaking: Watch Republican Scott Walker 2016 Campaign Video Grossly Distorts Record As Governor

  Breaking: Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin) Announces 2016 Presidential Campaign and gets everything wrong about his record as Governor! Gov. Walker has been a disaster for Wisconsin and now he wants to bring his divisive, extreme anti-labor policies to the rest of the U.S. Gov. Walker claims that he won “Three Elections in Four Years” byRead More

Watch: Chris Christie “I’m Accountable For Bridge-Gate, Not Responsible”

  Chris Christie graced America with an appearance on Morning Joe today in New York and dropped this bombshell: “I’m accountable for Bridge-Gate, not responsible.”   Oh really Gov. Christie? You’re accountable, but not responsible? What world do you live in. That’s a distinction without a difference, and you’re just playing semantic games to shirkRead More

Watch: Donald Trump on Latinos “Somebody’s doing the raping!”

  Donald Trump is a hateful bigot and his comments slandering Latino immigrants as rapists are a stain on the 2016 Presidential Content.   This week Don Lemon of CNN internviewed “The Donald” and he started off sounds more conciliatory and apologetic for his comments about Latinos; however, things took a turn for the worstRead More

Watch: Geraldo Rivera Destroys Anne Coulter On Fox News!

  Boom! Anne Coulter gets destroyed on Fox News! Geraldo Rivera ambushed his conservative colleague by dismissing her polemic, hatful anti-latino rhetoric and putting her in her place. Ms. Coulter couldn’t substantiate her claim that immigrants are rapists and commit crimes at higher rates than the existing U.S. population.   The problem with xenophobic hacksRead More

The TPP Dilema For Democrats

Trade deals have always been a complicated affair for Democrats, as the idea behind them is to break down trade barriers and encourage the free flow of goods and services between countries; something that is often hampered by things like tariffs placed on foreign goods (to protect domestic industries) and different rules and regulations regardingRead More

Watch: “The Don” Threw His Hat In The Ring (and possibly his Toupee)

      NewsFlash: Donald Trump is a moron. Well I’m sure you already knew that! OMG! OMG! OMG! Donald Trump has thrown his hat in the ring for 2016. I think I can now officially declare this Republican Primary more of a circus than the 2012 elections. Donald brings no experience from a publicRead More

McKinney Apologists Want A Return To Segregation

  In McKinney, Texas this past Friday a white community reminded the nation yet again that we do not live in a “post-racial” America. The far-right is waging war on civil rights across Red State America. The McKinney confrontation was distinguished from the typical angry/racist white police officer killing an innocent, black, civilian as this incident wasRead More

Tea Bagger carries assault rifle in an airport. Why? Because He Can

    The only reason to bring an assault rifle with you to the airport is if the airport has a history of other people carrying assault rifles. In America, we have never really had to worry about that, until now. Meet Jim Cooley, the most insecure man in America. Jim decided to carry anRead More

101 Things To Campaign For Before the Metric System

Banning caramel macchiatos, mandatory yoga breaks, and requiring attendance at Newport polo matches are all potential issues equally important to our fine nation and equally as likely to be the next platform plank of Lincoln Chaffee’s noble campaign for president. Earlier this week, former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee appeared on national television, in aRead More