Watch: Hilarious “Expendables” Parody of Republican Senators Blowing Up Iran Deal

  Did you ever wonder what lengths the Republican Senate would go to block President Obama’s Iran Deal? Well, Funny Or Die produced a hilarious parody based on the action blockbuster “The Expendables” to demonstrate what Republican Senators truly want. “They’re too old to fight a war, but that won’t stop these brave U.S. Senators fromRead More

Watch: Hannity and Trump Nearly Piss Themselves Over Iran Deal

  It’s like the Super Bowl here at Democratic Memes when we’re able to cover an interview between Sean Hannity and Donald Trump! Who knew you could cram so much patriotism into a 14 minute tv interview? Honestly, you gotta give it up to Trump for stepping into the “lion’s den” with Sean Hannity toRead More

Watch: Pastor Says Sex-Education Is Like Letting Your Kids Play With Rattlesnakes

  Got another head-scratcher for you folks! Pastor Danny Banks probably thought he absolutely killed it with this sermon on the perils of sex-education. Unfortunately, the only thing Pastor Banks killed was a few of our brain cells listening to his tortured logic comparing sex-ed to letting your kids play with rattlesnakes.   Can someoneRead More

Watch: Fox News Host Explodes, Compares Planned Parenthood to Killing Of Cicil The Lion “America Is A Barbaric Nation”

  Fox Business News allowed rightwing troll extraordinaire, Todd Starnes, to set the record straight once and for all: Mr. Starnes is, in fact, a complete moron. Mr. Starnes used his appearance on national television to attack Planned Parenthood and, in a bizarre analogy, compare abortion to the slaying of Cecil the lion: “At least PlannedRead More

Watch: Former Virginia Attorney General Says Black Lives Don’t Matter!

  “No, we’re saying stop killing us!” It’s shameful when an African American leader has to reiterate this on national television to a former Attorney General of Virginia. Why is it so hard to compute the concept that black lives matter? No one is saying that black lives matter more than White lives, or LatinoRead More

Watch: Rick Perry Wants More Guns In Movie Theaters!

  Did he really say that? Yes, Gov. Rick Perry ACTUALLY wants more guns in movie theaters after several mass shootings in movie theaters. He feels that more guns would lead to safer outcomes for movie goers. Mr. Perry’s arguments run contrary to rational logic and presuppose that guns = safety even though everything thatRead More

Watch: Fox News Erupts After Missouri Sheriff Puts “In God We Trust” On Cop Cars

  A Missouri Sheriff’s decision to place “In God We Trust” stickers on dozens and dozens of cop cars in his municipality came under criticism in recent days on the grounds that it erodes the separation between Church and State.   As you can imagine, this didn’t go down well on Fox News. In typical misogynistic Fox NewsRead More

Watch: Bernie Sanders Rally “We Need Serious Change In Criminal Justice”

  Bernie Sanders is the real deal folks. The Vermont Senator is speaking to swelling rallies across the country on the need to reform our criminal justice system, provide a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, and reduce the influence of money in politics. Income inequality and the plight of the middle and working classRead More

Watch: Huckabee Predicts Second Holocaust After Iran Deal On O’Reilly Factor

  Mike Huckabee refused to reject the ridiculously insensitive remarks he issued on Saturday comparing President Obama’s Iran Deal to “Marching [Jews] To The Door Of The Oven”. Apparently Huckabee  doesn’t think before he speaks on nationally syndicated radio programs, or perhaps worse, these comments didn’t sound as bad in his head as they didRead More