Watch: Steve Bannon Named ‘Clown of the Week’ By Leading Podcast

Steve Bannon was named “Clown of the Week” by leading podcast Radio Free USA, sponsored by Democratic Memes. Bannon bested White House senior policy advisor Stephen Miller, who placed a close second, in the weekly competition to crown the clown of the Week. Radio Free USA celebrated their 30th podcast this week, and have thousandsRead More

Watch: Jeff Sessions Labels Immigrants ‘Illiterate’ with ‘No skills’ and are ‘Not Successful’

Attorney General Jeff Sessions proved yet again this week that he’s a dodgy old racist hellbent on ending legal immigration and unraveling safeguards to protect racial and ethnic minorities. In an appearance on Fox News with Tucker Carlson, the heir to Bill O’Reilly’s late night racist empire, Sessions went on a ‘Archie Bunker’ rant aboutRead More

Watch: Dr. Sanjay Gupta Slams WH Doctor On Trump Health Check “He is borderline obese”

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta slammed White House physician Dr. Jackson at a press conference on Tuesday to report the results of Trump’s health check. Rumors are widely circulating that Trump’s mental and physical hearth are in severe decline; however, Dr. Jackson painted a strikingly different picture of Trump’s health, even going as far as claimingRead More

Watch: Hilarious Stephen Miller vs. Jake Tapper Parody (with Pauly Shore)

The comedic geniuses at Funny or Die released a hilarious parody of Stephen Miller’s disastrous CNN interview with Jake Tapper. Miller’s meltdown on live television, and subsequent ejection from the CNN studio by security, is fodder for comedian Pauly Shore who stepped up to the plate and hit a satirical home run. One of theRead More

Watch: Hilarious SNL ‘Morning Joe’ Parody Torches Steve Bannon

SNL dropped a hilarious parody of MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ that will make your day. The video below brilliantly summarizes the frenzied week that was, from Oprah’s emergence as a political savior and potential 2020 challenger, to Bannon’s removal from Breitbart News after inflammatory quotes surfaced in Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury.” Bill Murray returned toRead More

Watch: Trump Paid Porn Star $130k ‘Hush Money’ to Hide 2006 Affair

Trump paid porn star ‘Stormy Daniels’ $130k in hush money to hide a 2006 affair at a celebrity golf tournament. CNN reported that longtime Trump lawyer, Michael Cohen, arranged a $130,000 payment to silence porn star ‘Stormy Daniels’ one month before the 2016 election. This hush money was designed to hide a 2006 affair betweenRead More

Watch: Jake Tapper Battles Stephen Miller & Triggers Meltdown Live on CNN

This video is a true gem! Jake Tapper battles Senior White House Advisor Stephen Miller on a range of topics, triggering an epic meltdown live on CNN! Miller called Tapper “condescending” numerous times and delivered a disgraceful performance on Sunday Morning National Television that went off the rails. Tapper pressed Miller on Trump’s mental stability,Read More

Watch: CNN Host Stunned Sean Spicer Can’t Remember His Own Lies “Did I say that?”

CNN’s SE Cupp stunned former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer with his own lies and all Spicer could say was “Did I say that?” Among other gems, Spicer went on to explain his untrustworthy behavior as Press Secretary and chief propaganda mouthpiece via the following excuse: “The job of the spokesman is not toRead More

Watch: Trump Ordered White House Lawyers To Stop Sessions From Recusing Himself From Russia Probe

Trump ordered White House lawyer Ty Cobb to stop Jeff Sessions from recusing himself from the DOJ Russia Investigation. This startling revelation was reported by CNN’s Erin Burnett in the video clip below summarizing a bombshell New York Times story. According to New York Times reporter Michael Schmitt, President Trump erupted in anger because heRead More

Watch: Aide To Attorney General Jeff Sessions Asked Congressional Staffer For Dirt On Comey Before Firing

CNN is reporting that an aid to Attorney General Jeff Sessions went to Capitol Hill and asked a congressional staffer for dirt on FBI Director James shortly before he was fired. This flagrant misuse of power coming from the Department of Justice is disgusting. Not to mention that Jeff Sessions allegedly ‘recused’ himself from theRead More