Watch: CNN Host Dumbfounded By Kellyanne Conway 

CNN host Chris Cuomo was left dumbfounded at times during a lengthy interview with White House Adivser Kellyanne Conway on Trump’s Response to the Las Vegas Mass Shooting.  Conway, who has kept a low media profile of late, emerged from the dungeons of the White House to delivery a confusing statement on gun laws andRead More

Associated Press Poll: Trump Job Approval Rating Hits Record Low 32% 

A new poll released by the Associated Press places Trump’s approval rating at a record low 32%, while a whopping 67% of respondents ‘disapprove’ of Trump job performance as president.  The poll was conducted by the Associated Press and NORC Center for Public Affairs Research survey. The results of the survey reveal that Trump isRead More

Watch: One Year Ago We Learned Trump Likes To ‘Grab’em By The P**sy’ 

One year ago America learned of the infamous ‘Grab’em by the pussy’ Access Hollywood tapes. At the time, the consensus among the news media and Democrats was that the tapes were going to tank the Trump campaign.  Now President ‘P**sy’ Grabber presides over the Federal efforts to defund planned parenthood and undermine Obamacare.  It’s hardRead More

Jim Acosta Grills Sanders For Trump Calls To Investigate News Media

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders defended Trump’s calls for Congress to investigate the News Media in a play straight out of the dictator’s handbook.  Jim Acosta asked Huckabee Sanders if Trump values the first amendment as much as the second amendment after Trump’s calls to investigate the news media.  Why Isn't the SenateRead More

Watch: Bill Maher Torches Trump On Puerto Rico ‘He’s The Worst Responder’ 

Boom! Bill Maher torched Trump’s delayed visit to Puerto Rico this week, discribing crooked Donald as the ‘Worst Responder’ as a play on words given how poor and delayed his Hurricane Maria response has been.  Maher offered a number of plausible explanations for Trump’s lack of haste in visiting Puerto Rico:   “Trump finally wentRead More

Condescending and Insulting: Trump Throws Paper Towels at Puerto Ricans

The mayor of Puerto Rico’s capital, San Juan, has described Donald Trump’s visit to the hurricane-hit island as “insulting” and called him a “miscommunicator-in-chief”. Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz described his televised meeting with officials as a “PR, 17-minute meeting”. The sight of him throwing paper towels to people in the crowd was “terrible and abominable”,Read More

Watch: Trump kids used political donations to avoid criminal indictments 

Trump’s eldest children Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. may have used political contributions to avoid criminal indictments.  The video clip from MSNBC’s Morning Joe cites multiple sources from respected news outlets with inside knowledge of evidence collected.  This is a developing story linked to investigations that took place prior to Trump’s time in the WhiteRead More

Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Blasts Trump Response to Puerto Rico

Boom! Jimmy Kimmel Blasted Trump’s Response to Puerto Rico in the video clip below. Kimmel pointed out how Trump is emotionally inept, and more concerned with bloviating self-congratulation over the Administration’s Response.  Trump threw paper towels into a crowd at a supply shelter in Puerto Rico like it was a tee shirt gun. He alsoRead More

Watch: Tillerson called Trump a ‘moron’ and almost resigned

Boom! Secretary of State Rex Tillerson reportedly called Trump a ‘f**ckin moron’ and nearly resigned at the end of July following Trump’s politicized speech to the Boy Scouts of America, an organization Tillerson previously chaired.  MSNBC is reporting that Vice President Mike Pence intervened to cool the tensions between Tillerson and Trump, and that GeneralRead More

Watch: Seth Meyers Hilarious Press Briefing with Huckabee Sanders

Boom! Seth Meyers satirically interviews White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the hilarious video clip below.  Meyers awkward video editing juxtaposition of Huckabee Sanders responses and an uncomfortable line of questioning was comedic genius. At one stage Meyers asks “How does an orgy work?”  The sad part is that Huckabee Sanders is soRead More