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Watch: Obama on Bernie Sanders “People want a pot smoking socialist in the White House”

President Obama joked that Senator Bernie Sanders would be a third term of the Obama Administration because, “People want a pot smoking socialist in the White House!” If you’re like us, we couldn’t stop laughing after this one liner. Do you agree?

Watch: Jon Stewart Exposes War Mongering Journalist

Jon Stewart exposes a former NYTimes journalist and her pro-war deceptive journalism in the lead up to the Iraq War. A major reason the American people were deceived by the Bush Administration was that the media, including many so-called “serious journalists,” looked the other way as Bush and Cheney trumped up false claims about weaponsRead More

Watch: Baltimore “Feels Like We’re In A Concentration Camp”

Reverend Bryant, a vocal non-violent, faith-based protest leader in the #BaltimoreUprising has shared a shocking revelation that the level of police and military presence, along with the curfew, makes people “Feel like we’re in a concentration camp.” It is terrible and alarming that the level of unrest in Baltimore has drawn comparisons to the Holocaust.Read More

Watch: Ted Cruz “Obama Inflamed Racial Tensions”

Senator Ted Cruz made an outrageous comment today that President Obama has “Inflamed Racial Tensions” in America. How exactly did President Obama inflame racial tensions? Ted Cruz didn’t offer a coherent explanation. The truth is Ted Cruz’s comments are a dog whistle signal to the hard-right base of the Republican Party that have wanted theRead More

Watch: Best White House Correspondents Dinner Jokes Of All-Time

Did you think President Obama was hilarious at last weeks White House Correspondents Dinners? These are the funniest White House Correspondents Dinner jokes of all time. The White House Correspondents Dinner is a forum that celebrates freedom of speech and freedom of the press by bringing the most powerful politicians to their knees with comedyRead More

WATCH: Baltimore City Council Member Paints Bigger Picture–Yet Fox News Doesn’t Give A…

Baltimore City Council Member Nick Mosby tries to breakdown the bigger issue, to Fox News reporter, Leland Vittert (@LelandVittert), saying “This is bigger than Freddie Gray. This is about the social economics of poor urban America.” Mosby goes on to state, “When folks are under educated, unfortunately they don’t have the same intellectual voice toRead More

Watch: Peaceful Protester Protects Police Line In Baltimore They’ll never show this on the mainstream news! Protesters are on the front lines in Baltimore keeping the peace between police and protesters. Video courtesy of @TheRealBanksy via Twitter

Watch: Obama On Baltimore “Senseless Violence Is Not Protest”

President Obama made a brief statement at The White House today regarding the ongoing crisis in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gay. What do you think of President Obama’s speech? Please “Share” your thoughts and comments!