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Poll: Hillary’s Destroying Trump In Key Swing States

  Boom! Democrats are in a great mood these days as the Trump Campaign continues to nose dive in the polls. Whether it’s Ivanka Trump vacationing with Putin’s ‘girlfriend’, Campaign Manager Paul Manafort taking $12 million in bribes from Putin, or Trump wondering why we can’t use nuclear weapons the GOP nominee is practically onRead More

Newt Gingrich: “….Sure” Trump is Mentally Fit To Be President

    Boom! In a stunning rebuke, Newt Gingrich was asked a direct question by the New York Times during a recent podcast interview: Is Donald Trump mentally fit to be President of the United States? In response, the former Speaker of the House, and mastermind of the dissolution of civility in the U.S. Congress,Read More

Trump Calls Obama “Co-Founder of ISIS”

  Trump reached a new low today, calling President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton the “Co-Founders of ISIS.” Earlier this week Trump gave a nod and a wink to “Second Amendment People” to stop Hillary Clinton from nominating pro-gun control nominees to the Supreme Court of the United States. Trump is the poster-childRead More

Trump Drumped By 50 GOP Officials: Would Be Most Reckless President Ever

  Boom! Hold on to your seats and grab the popcorn, because we have another bombshell in the 2016 race for the White House: 50 former GOP Officials released a letter publicly denouncing Donald Trump, rejecting his candidacy, and resoundingly labeling the would-be GOP nominee as potentially “The Most Reckless President In American History!” WeRead More

Breaking: Republican Senator “I will not vote for Trump!”

  Boom! Another day, another stumble for Donald Trump’s troubled bid for the Presidency. Today yet another key block of GOP Senators and Congressmen announced that they were breaking from the party line and would not be casting votes for Trump in November. Are we surprised? Probably not, however, the ranks of the “Never Trump”Read More

Trump TakeDown: Fareed Zakaria “Trump Is A Bull Shit Artist”

    Boom! Did anyone catch Fareed Zakaria’s masterful takedown of Trump this morning on CNN’s Zakaria GPS? Fareed held no punches, and eloquently outlined the case for why Trump is a pathological liar and bullshit artist. There is a growing body of social science research to back up Fareed’s claim about Trump, and itRead More

Wikileaks “We’re Working On” Trump Tax Hack!

  Boom! You heard right America, it won’t be long before the infamous Wikileaks team complete their attempt to hack Donald Trump’s tax returns. Why should we care? Because Trump is the first candidate in modern memory to refuse to release details of their recent tax fillings. If Mr. Small Hands is really worth ‘billions’,Read More

Watch: Hillary Targets Income Inequality, “Deck Is Stacked” We Need To Rebuild The Middle Class

  Hillary Clinton released a stellar new ad targeting income inequality. The theme of the new campaign commercial is “The Deck Is Stacked” against ordinary¬†Americans and we need to rebuild our economy around well-paying Middle Class jobs.   We couldn’t agree more with Secretary Clinton and we’re proud that the Democratic Party presidential hopefuls areRead More

Watch: O’Reilly Explodes As Trump Says 14th Amendment Is Unconstitutional”, “Our Country Is Going To Hell”

  Go home Donald Trump, you’re drunk! Our friend Mr. Trump, aka Orange Is The New Quack, apparently has been getting legal advice from pre-Civil War Supreme Court briefs because ‘The Donald’ thinks that the 14th Amendment is unconstitutional. You know, the same 14th Amendment that, like, made former slaves U.S. citizens and entitled AfricanRead More

Watch: Trump Explodes When Questioned About Immigration Plan “Deport Families”

  Donald Trump went off the deep end on Sunday when interviewed by Chuck Todd of NBC’s Meet The Press about his abrasive, anti-immigrant rhetoric. When pressed about the specifics of his immigration plan on board his private jet, Trump exploded at Chuck Todd and insisted that we needed to deport families because “We eitherRead More