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Watch: Mnuchin Spent $15,000 On Jets To Join Trump Tower Press Event 

According to CNN Money, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin cost taxpayers as much as $15,000 for a day trip to Trump Tower to join a press conference that was supposed to be about infrastructure but was hijacked by Trump’s Charlottesville comments.  This is one of many flagrant examples of Trump Administration malfeasance with taxpayer money. HHSRead More

Watch: Is Trump Trying To Trick North Korea Into A First Strike?

Is Trump Trying To Trick North Korea Into A First Strike? That’s unfortunately a legitimate possibility following a number of cryptic remarks and threatening posture.   The CNN clip below and Tweet from a well known Veterans group raise eyebrows regarding Trump’s endgame with Notth Korea.  There is a risk that the escalating war ofRead More

Watch: SNL Weekend Update With Ruth Bader Ginsberg! 

Boom! Saturday Night Live did it again this week, delivering a hilarious political segment on Weekend Update staring Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  Kate McKinnon played the role of Justice Ginsberg, in a punchy satirical sketch that took aim at Republican gerrymandering as well as some tongue and cheek humor about conservative justices.  ThisRead More

Watch: Trump ‘Calm Before Storm’ Cyrptic Threat Raised Eyebrows & Tensions 

Donald Trump issued a cryptic threat on Thursday evening while surrounded by America’s top military brass: “This could be the calm before the storm.” Reporters quickly doubled back questions like “What do you mean?” and “Who are you going to attack?” To which Trump simply replied “You’ll find out”, in a cryptic manner.  It isRead More

Watch: CNN Host Dumbfounded By Kellyanne Conway 

CNN host Chris Cuomo was left dumbfounded at times during a lengthy interview with White House Adivser Kellyanne Conway on Trump’s Response to the Las Vegas Mass Shooting.  Conway, who has kept a low media profile of late, emerged from the dungeons of the White House to delivery a confusing statement on gun laws andRead More

Watch: One Year Ago We Learned Trump Likes To ‘Grab’em By The P**sy’ 

One year ago America learned of the infamous ‘Grab’em by the pussy’ Access Hollywood tapes. At the time, the consensus among the news media and Democrats was that the tapes were going to tank the Trump campaign.  Now President ‘P**sy’ Grabber presides over the Federal efforts to defund planned parenthood and undermine Obamacare.  It’s hardRead More

Jim Acosta Grills Sanders For Trump Calls To Investigate News Media

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders defended Trump’s calls for Congress to investigate the News Media in a play straight out of the dictator’s handbook.  Jim Acosta asked Huckabee Sanders if Trump values the first amendment as much as the second amendment after Trump’s calls to investigate the news media.  Why Isn't the SenateRead More

Watch: Bill Maher Torches Trump On Puerto Rico ‘He’s The Worst Responder’ 

Boom! Bill Maher torched Trump’s delayed visit to Puerto Rico this week, discribing crooked Donald as the ‘Worst Responder’ as a play on words given how poor and delayed his Hurricane Maria response has been.  Maher offered a number of plausible explanations for Trump’s lack of haste in visiting Puerto Rico:   “Trump finally wentRead More

Watch: Trump kids used political donations to avoid criminal indictments 

Trump’s eldest children Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. may have used political contributions to avoid criminal indictments.  The video clip from MSNBC’s Morning Joe cites multiple sources from respected news outlets with inside knowledge of evidence collected.  This is a developing story linked to investigations that took place prior to Trump’s time in the WhiteRead More

Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Blasts Trump Response to Puerto Rico

Boom! Jimmy Kimmel Blasted Trump’s Response to Puerto Rico in the video clip below. Kimmel pointed out how Trump is emotionally inept, and more concerned with bloviating self-congratulation over the Administration’s Response.  Trump threw paper towels into a crowd at a supply shelter in Puerto Rico like it was a tee shirt gun. He alsoRead More