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Watch: Seth Meyers Unleashes on Trump Lies

Seth Meyers unleashes on Trump lies! Boom! What a segment from Late Night with Seth Meyers. Let’s face it folks, Trump and his army of deplorables are effectively living in an alternate reality.  Trump’s consistent strategy of demonizing the Press in order to spoon feed his supporters uninformed, fascist non-sense has created a world inRead More

Watch: Snowden Slams Petraeus As Sec. of State

  Snowden Slams Petraeus as Sec. of State   Former NSA contractor and legendary whistle-blower, Edward Snowden, didn’t mince words when he criticized Trump’s meeting with General David Patraeus regarding the vacant Secretary of State position in Trump’s cabinet. You may remember General Petraeus’ fall from grace when he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges ofRead More

Watch: CNN Host Explodes At GOP Voter Fraud Lie

CNN Host Explodes At GOP Voter Fraud Lie.  Is anyone else tired of the ridiculous GOP claims that “millions” voted illegally for Democrats in the 2016 election? Well, so is CNN host Anthony Cuomo who sparred with GOP Congressman Darrel Issa today after Rep. Issa tried to normalize the right-wing conspiracy that voter fraud isRead More

Watch: SNL Destroys Trump’s Most Absurd Tweets

SNL Destroys Trump’s Most Absurd Tweets First, let’s acknowledge how incredible Alec Baldwin’s recurring Trump impersonation is on Saturday Night Live! In fact, it’s so good that Trump continues to tweet about Baldwin in an absurd, juvenile form. Clearly the writers at SNL have gotten under Trump’s skin. It’s not like the president-elect has anythingRead More

Clinton: No U.S. Ground Troops In Iraq or Syria

Boom! Secretary Clinton says no U.S. ground troops in Iraq or Syria, in a complete rejection of failed Republican foreign policy in the Middle East and Trump’s irrational rhetoric that we should carpet bomb Iraq and Syria just to steal their oil! The Trump Campaign have long labeled Secretary Clinton as a ‘hawk’ on foreignRead More

3 Reasons Republicans Are Obsessed With Hillary’s Health

  Why are Republicans so obsessed with Hillary’s Health? Why have the Media legitimized the right-wing conspiracy theory that Hillary is unfit to be president because of some mysterious health issues that the Clintons are concealing from the American people?   Well folks, we’re convinced that there are three key principles underlying the GOP hysteriaRead More

Journalist Exposes Trump campaign in “Panic Mode” with Latinos 

Boom! Legendary Univision journalist Jorge Ramos exposed how the Trump Campaign is in “Panic Mode” with Latinos less than 70 days until Election Day.  Mass deportations, a thirty foot border wall, “They’re rapists”–there a so many reasons why Latino voters will come out in droves on Election Day to resoundingly reject xenophobia and fascism byRead More

Trump visits Mexico, fails to secure check for “The Wall”

Trump visited Mexico today and failed to secure a check for “The Wall!” That’s right folks, ‘The Donald’ met with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto this afternoon for several hours in a closed door, high-profile meeting. The anticipation surrounding Trump’s trip to Mexico was palpable, with many prominent politicians criticizing President Nieto’s decision to hostRead More

Trump on immigration “Boom you’re gone”

Trump on immigration “Boom you’re gone.” This is one of the most ridiculous interviews we’ve ever seen Anderson Cooper give as Trump defiantly defended his argument that Secretary Clinton is a “biggot” and that we should strictly deport millions of immigrants.  Without being a KKK sympathizer can you predicably claim that you’ll rid the worldRead More

7 Reasons Donald Trump’s Health and Sleep Patterns Should Terrify You

Donald Trump’s health and sleep patterns should terrify you. A man who brags about never sleeping is not a man who is mentally or physically fit to be Commander-In-Chief. What’s worse is Trump’s bogus attempt to have his Gastroenterologist issue a certificate claiming that Trump has a clean bill of health. For starters, what theRead More