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Trump Pick Bought $15k In Stock, Pushed Bill To Help Company Days Later

Donald Trump is assembling one of the most corrupt Administrations in the history of American politics.  This is not an opinion, this is a fact, and is emblematic of Trump’s blatant disregard for federal ethics and conflict of interest laws that have long governed the cabinet appointment and confirmation process.  CNN’s Manu Raju shared theRead More

Watch: Donald Trump Is The ‘Godfather’ Of Fake News

Boom! Michael Moore eviscerated Trump on MSNBC’s “All In With Chris Hayes” by calling out Trump for the fraudulent, illegitimate, conman that he truly is: “The Godfather of Fake News.” Amidst a wide-ranging interview that offered guidance on how to resist the tyranny of the Trump Administration, Michael Moore offered an energetic call-to-arms to membersRead More

Watch: Obama Roasts Staffer Who Called In Sick To Watch World Series

We are going to miss President Obama’s charisma and charm when he transitions back to civilian life on January 20, 2017! This week President Obama hosted the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs at The White House to commemorate their achievements this season.  President Obama was all smiles and visibly estatic as he honored his hometownRead More

Watch: Trump Crybaby Sean Spicer Condemns “Mean Spirited” SNL

Donald Trump is a bully, and like most most bullies, his latent sense of aggression stems from a profound place of insecurity. Which in the case of the President-elect manifests itself as an inability to withstand even the fainted form of criticism.  We need not look further than Trump’s high-profile and longstanding feud with NBC’sRead More

Watch: Obama vs. Trump Talk About Their Daughters

  We all know Donald Trump is a creepy, misogynistic man. At the other end of the spectrum, President Obama shows nothing but honor and respect for women, especially when it comes to Michelle and his daughters Sasha and Malia.   Conversely, Trump aka Mr. “Grab Her By The Pussy,” almost exclusively speaks in crude,Read More

Watch: John Lewis “Trump Is Not A Legitimate President”

Boom! Legendary Congressman and Civil Rights Leader John Lewis (D – GA) dropped a bombshell on NBC’s Chuck Todd by calming proclaiming, “Donald Trump is NOT a legitimate President.”   We are so proud of Congressman Lewis’ valiant and honorable career in public service. Lewis, who has served in Congress for three decades, did not mince wordsRead More

Watch: Ben Affleck Trolling Trump Will Make Your Day

  Boom! Ben Affleck went on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” this week to epically troll Donald Trump’s ridiculous Golden Globes temper-tantrum.   Affleck, a two time Oscar winner, knows a thing or two about great acting. Which is why he was particularly annoyed by Donald Trump’s Twitter tirade earlier this week attacking Meryl Streep, one ofRead More

Watch: Obamacare Survivor “Why would Republicans repeal without a replacement?”

Why would Republicans repeal Obamacare without a suitable replacement? The answer is simple: They simply do not give a damn if millions of Americans live or die.   Paul Ryan wants millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions to die so your healthcare premiums don’t go up. That’s how low the GOP Congress is willing to go toRead More

Watch: Trump Loses His Shit, Screams At CNN Reporter “You’re Fake News!”

President-elect Donald Trump is having an epically bad week!  Between the bombshell revelations of ‘Golden Showers’, blackmail, and years of political collaboration with Putin, this week offered a glimpse into the deranged era of American politics ushered in by Trump.  This week arguably produced enough evidence of malfeasance to impeach Trump several times over, andRead More

Video: Seth Meyers slams Trump for ‘fake news’ tirade targeting CNN

Boom! Seth Meyers leveled an eloquent, sharply worded critique of President-elect Trump’s recent tirade targeting CNN and Buzzfeed as “Fake news.” Meyers stressed how unfit, unpresidential, and unnerving it is for the President-elect to label respectable journalism as “Fake news” simply because Mr. Trump disagrees with the content of the reporting.  While Trump’s disdain forRead More