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Watch: CNN Mocks Fox News For “Darker, Gayer, Different” Olympic Outrage

Anderson Cooper mocked Fox News Executive VP and Editor, John Moody, for fueling ridiculous Olympic Outrage that the U.S. team motto is now “Darker, Gayer, Different.” Only Fox News would be moronic enough to generate fake outrage at a non-existent trend: The U.S. Winter Olympic squad of 240 includes just 10 African Americans and 2Read More

Watch: Billionaire Democrat Blasts Trump Infrastructure Plan

Billionaire Democrat Tom Steyer blasts Trump’s infrastructure plan in the video clip below from CNBC. Steyer, a skilled investor who made billions betting on clean energy and alternative investments such as wind and solar as a hedge fund manager, is one of Trump’s loudest critics on the Democratic side. After launching a national grassroots activistRead More

President Obama is ‘Most Admired Man’ For 10th Consecutive Year

A new poll released by Gallup revealed that President Obama is the ‘Most Admired Man’ in America for the 10th consecutive year. President Obama bested Trump in this year’s polling, the first time ever a sitting president in their first year failed to top the list. The results of the Gallup poll with likely sendRead More

BREAKING NEWS: Alt-right Fake News Kingpin Dead

A writer who became famous for peddling “fake news” throughout the 2016 US Presidential election campaign has died. He was 38.Paul Horner was found dead in his home in Arizona after a suspected drug overdose, police said. Horner, who published fake news articles on Facebook and websites he set up, claimed he was the reasonRead More