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Watch: Trump Troll Denies GOP Doubted Obama Legitimacy For Years

For eight long years Republicans in Washington D.C. and Red State Capitals across the country preyed upon public fears and racial tensions to challenge President Obama’s legitimacy. They labeled him a Muslim, denied he was born in the United States, labeled him the “Food Stamp President,” and even went as far as suggesting he sympathizedRead More

Watch: SNL Nails Trump’s Absurd Press Conference!

  Boom! Saturday Night Live absolutely nailed the absurdity of Trump’s press conference earlier this week, as Alec Baldwin delivered yet another incredible performance as Donald Trump that will have you laughing out loud!   As Baldwin says, Trump continues to serve as the “Lead writer” for SNL (unintentionally of course!), providing enough material as President-electRead More

Watch: We Need To Organize, Educate Trump Voters

    Watch: Screw the Electoral College, We Need To Organize   We, as Democrats of the Trump resistance, need to unify behind a progressive message that can reach the average voter with language and logic that they can easily understand and share with friends. In other words, we need our message and our message bearersRead More

How Dumb Was Trump’s Trip to Mexico? Let Me Count the Ways

Another day, another ham-handed attempt by Donald Trump to resuscitate his flailing, fear-mongering, unprofessionally-run campaign. Today’s agenda was basically headlined, “¡Viva México! But Actually, Seriously, Screw Mexico!” Here are just a few reasons this was colossally dumb: Trump Exposed Himself as a Weakling on His #1 Issue: Trump’s campaign was built around two main things:Read More

Watch: Hilarious ‘Bad Lip Reading’ Of The First Republican Debate Will Make You Smile

  Words cannot describe how hard we laughed at the latest edition of “A Bad Lip Reading” First Republican Debate! Watch this once, watch this often, watch this with your loved ones and “Share” widely with your coworkers. Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike will take pleasure in the comedic genius of this hilarious dubbing ofRead More

Confidential Police Brutality Video Released by Judge

The Dover Police Department just released the entire video below of Officer Tom Webster brutally assaulting Lateef Dickerson on August 24, 2013, as a federal judge ruled it was no longer confidential. It clearly shows Webster doing an “Anderson Silva”-like swift kick to the head of the defense-less, surrendering Dickerson, knocking him out. (If youRead More

Obama Smacks Down GW Bush Apologist

President Obama killed Osama Bin Laden and yet most Republicans claim that he is weak on foreign policy. Why is that? Perhaps they are compensating for the fact that President W. Bush allowed the 9/11 Attacks to occur despite multiple CIA warnings and that he illegally invaded Iraq and killed hundreds of thousands, stoke massiveRead More

Ben Carson Realizes He’s In The Wrong Party

Ben Carson announced his candidacy for the Republican Party presidential nomination this week before quickly realizing that he was black. Carson told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, “It was like a moment of zen. I looked into a mirror shortly after the announcement and saw a black face. It was at that very moment that I realizedRead More

Watch: Bernie Sanders “We’ve Moved So Far Toward Oligarchy”

Bernie Sanders is spot on: The U.S. has moved so far toward oligarchy. The .001% controls nearly all of the wealth in the United States and with it wield a tremendous amount of power and influence in our politics. Do you agree with Bernie? Are you planning on voting for him?

Watch: Ferguson Activist Smacks Down CNN Host Wolf Blitzer

What do you think of this video? Do you agree that the main stream media has been under-reporting issues of race and mass incarceration? “Share” your thoughts and comments!