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Schwarzenegger Trolls Trump, “The ratings are in and you got swamped!”

Boom! Arnold Schwarzenegger absolutely destroyed Trump with an epic video torching Delusional Donald’s low approval ratings in an epic continuation of the feud between the two Hollywood stars turned politicians that has escalated since Trump took the White House.  “Poor Donald, the ratings are in and you got swamped! Wow, now you’re in the 30’s.Read More

Watch: Daily Show Roasts Trump’s Tinfoil Twitter Conspiracy Theories¬†

Boom! Trevor Noah and the Daily Show absolutely ripped into Trump’s tinfoil Twitter conspiracy theories last night after a weekend of paranoid propaganda from Delusional Donald.  Our personal favorite from the clip below is the part where Noah brilliantly points out how conspiracies theories are typically devised and driven individuals who lack visibility and understandingRead More

Watch: Colbert Rips Jeff Sessions & Jared Kushner A New One For Lying About Russia Ties

Boom! Stephen Colbert ripped into Jeff Sessions on “The Late Show” for the latest controversy involving yet another senior Administration official caught lying about meeting with Russian government officials.  On Thursday Jeff Sessions held an awkward press conference to announce he will recuse himself from any investigations into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.  ColbertRead More

Watch: Seth Meyers Nails Trump’s Trainwreck Time In The White House

Boom! Late Night with Seth Meyers nailed Trump’s trainwreck Administration perfectly this week, while also offering hope for Democrats as they resist ‘delusional Donald’ at every turn.  Meyers cited reports that Trump spends his days obsessively watching cable news coverage in his bathrobe. While many of you are likely scared by the thought of TrumpRead More

Watch: Jon Stewart Returns To Rip Trump A New One On Colbert Show

Boom! Jon Stewart returns to destroy Trump’s plans to issue unconstitutional exectutive orders to quash the ability for legal immigrants to enter the United States.  The most repugnant elements of Trump’s nascent presidency are the brutally fascist overtones that seemingly allow for those who would prey upon mintoirtes and exploit the interests of those whoRead More

Watch: Fox & Friends Debate If Jesus Was A Refugee To Support Ban

In an era of emerging fascism, led by an administration that recently banned more than 100 million Muslims from entering the United States, your friendly hosts at Fox and Friends are there to offer  hard-hitting journalism on the most pressing issue of the day, “Was Jesus a refugee?” There are moments in life that challengeRead More

Watch: Jake Tapper Goes Nuclear On Trump Muslim Ban In Epic 2 Minute Rant

Boom! CNN’s Jake Tapper absolutely destroyed the Trump Administration in a brilliant 2 minute rant that exposes the blatant incompetence and unconstitutionality of the Muslim Ban.  Furthermore, Tapper’s rant comes amidst the backdrop of Trump’s reported ban on Administration officials appearing on CNN because they are, in Trump’s warped world, “Fake News.”  On the contrary,Read More

Op-Ed: Trump SCOTUS Pick Is An anti-LGBTQ Crusader Who Must Go

After completely failing to vet his last move, the botched and panicked immigration order of Friday, Donald Trump revealed a much more heavily vetted choice Tuesday, his nominee for the Supreme Court. The president couldn’t help but denigrate the nation’s highest court in the process, however. A Yahoo! News headline dubbed Trump’s introduction of NeilRead More

Watch: Fareed Zakaria Launches Epic Takedown of Trump’s Muslim Ban

Boom! CNN’s Fareed Zakaria dropped some serious knowledge bombs this morning in an epic takedown of Trump’s disgraceful 90 day Muslim Ban.  Zakaria laid out a lengthy, logical case against the ban while highlighting why it is both illogical and immoral. Fareed also points out how shameful it is that Trump has made refugees theRead More

Read John Lewis’ Book “March” in Honor of Martin Luther King Day!

  Congressman John Lewis, hero of the Civil Rights Movement and one of the key confidants of Martin Luther King, was in the news this week as he stood up for American democracy, much to the chagrin of Donald Trump. As Lewis made some typically forthright and honest commentary to protect the rights of Americans,Read More