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Watch: Internet Destroys Trump For Government Shutdown

The internet destroyed Donald Trump overnight for orchestrating an entirely avoidable government shutdown. One year to the date of his inauguration, the president managed to shutdown the entire government and drive budget talks off the cliff. Trump, the so-called “Master Dealmaker” failed to demonstrate an ounce of leadership during the tense budget talks, and exposedRead More

Associated Press Poll: Trump Job Approval Rating Hits Record Low 32% 

A new poll released by the Associated Press places Trump’s approval rating at a record low 32%, while a whopping 67% of respondents ‘disapprove’ of Trump job performance as president.  The poll was conducted by the Associated Press and NORC Center for Public Affairs Research survey. The results of the survey reveal that Trump isRead More

Watch: Trump Deportation Order Sets Stage For Mass Deportations across U.S.

Unbelievable, unprecedented, and unconstitutional: Donald Trump set the stage for mass deportations with the stroke of a pen this week as the Department of Homeland Security issued new guidelines that “Empower state and local law enforcement agencies to perform the functions of immigration officers.” Of course the Trump Administration is rushing to reassure the publicRead More

Watch: ‘Spurious Spicer’ U.S. has “Healthy & robust relationship with Mexico”

What on earth is Sean Spicer smoking? Clearly Delusional Donald is rubbing off on the Press Secretary, who shamelessly claimed that “I would argue we have a very healthy and robust relationship with Mexico.”  Seriously Spicer? How do you stand up there with a straight face and say such ludicrous, alternative fact nonsense? The relationshipRead More

Watch: Trump Adviser Gets Destroyed For Blatant Voter Fraud Lie On ABC

Boom! Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller absolutely embarrassed himself on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulous by disintegrating into a rightwing delusional diatribe on voter fraud without presenting one single shred of evidence.  Stephen Miller proved himself to be every bit as vile and virulent as other Trump stooges such as Kellyanne Conway and SeanRead More

Watch: Piers Morgan Gets Obliterated On Bill Maher For Defending Muslim Ban

Boom! Trump apologist and former Apprentice sycophant, Piers Morgan, got absolutely obliterated by Jim Jeffries on Real Time with Bill Maher! Piers Morgan set off fireworks on Bill Maher’s show when he decided to spread the duplicitous right wing talking point that Trump’s unconstitutional Muslim Ban is not a Muslim ban because “95% of MuslimsRead More

Watch: Reporter Smacks Down Trump’s Voter Fraud Lie With Epic Fact Check

Boom! Watch as an ABC News Reporter smacks down Trump’s bogus voter fraud claims!  We all know that Trump’s ridiculous claim that as many as three million people voted “Illegally” for Hillary Clinton is a blatant lie. However, we did not fully understand, until this week, just how far down this rabbit hole Trump isRead More

Watch: SNL Slams Trump Inauguration, Low Turnout, and Putin’s Glee

Vladimir Putin is a happy man today! And the writers at SNL brought this point home brilliantly in this week’s “Cold Open” by roasting both Trump and Putin in a sketch starring a shirtless, devious and boastful looking Putin.  Why is Putin so chipper and optimistic? It’s likely because his Manchurian candidate finally took theRead More

Watch: ‘Little Marco’ destroys Rex Tillerson “Putin Is A War Criminal”

Marco Rubio ripped into Trump’s pick for Secretary of State, Exxon Mobile CEO Rex Tillerson, for refusing to acknowledge that Putin is a war criminal.  Senator Rubio (R-FL) is otherwise known as “Little Marco” a name given to Rubio by Trump in the primaries. The team at Democratic Memes do NOT think highly of Rubio,Read More

Watch: History Will Never Forget How Republicans Treated President Obama

Sorry Republicans, but Democrats are not going to turn the other cheek and ignore the ridiculous obstruction you leveled upon President Obama as well as the blatant disrespect of the Commander In Chief.  The video below is but a compilation of some of the most infamous rightwing media hitjobs. You remember the likes of GlenRead More