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Watch: Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) Demolishes Trumpcare In 3 Minutes

Boom! Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) demolishes the Republican Senate Healthcare bill in 3 minutes in the informative clip below that exposes all the horrible consequences hidden within Trumpcare.  Murphy breaks down the disasterous Senate bill into into five key elements in order to expose the horrific consequences for American families should this bill come toRead More

Watch: New York Attorney General Blasts Trumpcare as ‘unconstitutional’ on CNN

Boom! New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, threatened to sue the Trump Administration for the flagrantly unconstitutional healthcare plan passed by House Republicans last week.  Schneiderman made his comments in an interview with Erin Burnett on CNN’s “OutFront”, where he explained that he is indeed laying the ground work for a lawsuit should Trumpcare beRead More

Watch: Rob Reich Exposes Trumpcare: Tax Cuts for the Rich, We Get Screwed

Boom! Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, Dean of the University of California, Berkeley School of Public Policy, absolutely torched Trumpcare in an epic video that exposes the Republican health plan for what it truly is: A massive, trillion dollar tax cut for the rich.  The disastrous, draconian bill House Republicans passed this week will notRead More