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Watch: Rick Santorum crushed for saying “Racism Debate” is the real problem

Former Republican Senator and GOP presidential candidate, Rick Santorum, got crushed on CNN by panelists for suggesting that debate surrounding racism following the violent Charlottesville protests is the real problem, not white supremacy or confederate sympathizers.  A popular talking point on the right following the tumult at Charlottesville is that the Democrats are ‘race baiting’Read More

Watch: Fareed Zakaria Slams ‘Mute’ GOP Terrified To Speak Against Trump 

Fareed Zakaria slammed Republicans for their refusal to speak out against Trump “Trampling on our highest values.”  In the opening take of Zakaria GPS on CNN, Fareed launched a diatribe attack against Republican elites for suddenly going “Mute” in the face of Trump’s Week of unhinged behavior and racist comments following the Charlottesville protests.  “MenRead More

Watch: A Terrifying, Creepy History of White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller

The video below is a terrifying, creepy four minute history of White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller produced and pulished by our friends at “Now This Politics” chronicling the shocking, controversial rise to power of the alt-right wunderkind. Miller hails from sunny Santa Monica, California which is an odd place to produce a fascist right-wingRead More

Watch: Trump Calls New Hampshire A “Drug Infested Den”, Voters Outraged

Leaked transcripts of Trump’s January 2017 phone call with Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto left New Hampshire voters outraged and confused at Trump’s delusional comments about the Granite State.   Trump attacked Mr. Pena Nieto for the abundance of illegal narcotics that flow into the United State from Mexico, and was apparently trying to underscoreRead More

Watch: Trump Launches Propaganda Network, Hires CNN Pundit Kayleigh McEnany

Trump is launching his own propaganda network, hiring conservative CNN pundit Kayleigh McEnany in a video announcement posted to Trump’s Facebook page.   While we all know that Trump has his ‘issues’ with the Press, mainly because they report publicly on the indiscretions of his train wreck Administration, but launching your own pseudo-news network to liveRead More

Watch: Kellyanne Conway Caught In Heated Exchange On Russia Collusion Probe

Boom! Kellyanne Conway found herself in a heated exchange with journalist George Stephanopolous over revelations this week that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s Grand Jury issued their first subpoenas in relation to the charges of collusion between the Trump Campaign and the Russian Government.  Conway continued to pretend that the entire Trump-Russia collusion investigation is “FakeRead More

Watch: Bill Maher Schools Republican Hypocrisy With ‘If Obama Said It” Segment 

Boom! Bill Maher schooled Republicans for their blatant hypocrisy on issues both President Obama, and President Trump, advocated.  For some unbeknownst reason, Republicans support President Trump’s infrastructure proposals yet vehemently opposed President Obama’s plans to invest in American infrastructure. Most notably declining million in federal funding from President Obama to build high speed rail acrossRead More

Watch: Kellyanne Conway May Use Lie Detectors To Catch White House Leakers

Kellyanne Conway may use lie detectors to catch White House leakers according to the CNN report below.  A series of damning transcripts were released this week that embarrassed the White House and revealed just how unfit and unhinged ‘Crooked Donald’ is as the leader of the United States.  We all recall how former White HouseRead More

Watch: Ana Navarro Blasts Trump Over Leaked Phone Calls With World Leaders

Boom! CNN Political Commentator Ana Navarro blasted Trump over recently leaked transcripts of phone calls made with world leaders in January.  Navarro mocked Trump’s conversation with the Prime Minister of Australia for highlighting how ignorant and clueless ‘Crooked Donald’ is on foreign policy.  “The real tragedy here is that the Prime Minister of Australia hasRead More

Watch: CNN’s Jim Acosta Has Heated Exchange with Trump Senior Adviser

Boom! CNN Reporter Jim Acosta destroyed Senior White House Adviser, and troll extraordinaire, Stephen Miller over Trump’s new scheme to transform immigration policy into a racist, alt-right utopia.  Stephen Miller’s snarky, faux intellectualism got under Acosta’s skin during Wednesday’s Press Briefing, as the Trump Administration unveiled a new ‘merit based’ immigration proposal.  The only issueRead More