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Watch: Europe Is Having A Field Day Trolling Trump & It’s Absolutely Hilarious!

Boom! Europeans are trolling Trump so hard and it’s absolutely hilarious. A brilliant video by a Dutch comedian will leave you rolling on the floor with laughter with a parody video entitled “America First, The Netherlands Second!” Of course, Trump’s whole “America First” rhetoric must leave many of our closest allies around the world withRead More

Watch: SNL Nails Trump’s Eratic Calls To World Leaders, Childish Behavior¬†

Boom! Alex Baldwin is back on Saturday Night Live (SNL) and delivered yet another stellar performance as ‘The Mad King’ Donald J. Trump.  Naturally, no SNL sketch involving the Trump White House would be complete without an appearance from the spawn of Satan himself, Steve Bannon, and the recurring theme of Bannon as the GrimRead More

Watch: SNL Shreds Sean Spicer’s Will To Live With Epic Press Briefing Sketch

Boom! Saturday Night Live (SNL) absolutely shredded Sean Spicer last night with an epic sketch that accurately depicts how ridiculous, tense, and combative the Press Secretary’s relationship is with the White House Press Pool.  Spicer began his tenure as Press Secretary by greeting reporters with an unhinged rant scolding media outlets for their hard-hitting coverageRead More

Watch: Comedian Trolls GOP With “Breathe Easy” Radical Muslim Detector

Boom! The folks at Fusion perfectly captured the ridiculous right wing anti-Muslim hysteria with an epic informercial spoof for a spurious product “Breathe Easy” radical Muslim detector.  The concept of the spoof invokes the blind fear so many Republicand hold against Muslims by offering an easy solution to tell just how jihadi your Muslim neighborsRead More

Watch: Steve Bannon is “The de facto President” and this should terrify you

A white nationalist and Nazi wannabe, Steve Bannon, is “The de facto President” and we all should be terrified!  That’s right folks, Steve Bannon’s fingerprints are all over some of Trump’s most obnoxiously offensive acts as President, such as the now infamous Muslim ban that caused so much tumult over the past seven days beforeRead More

Breaking: Homeland Security Suspends Trump Travel Ban, Federal Ruling

Boom! Breaking News: The Department of Homeland Security have suspended Trump’s unconstitutional and unlawful travel ban. In a dramatic turn of events, a federal judge in Washington State ruled that Trump’s illegal executive order violates the Constitution by banning legal visa holders from seven Muslim countries from entering the United States.  The walls are closingRead More

Watch: Former Michigan Governor Unloads On Troll For Defending Muslim Ban

Boom! Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm (D-MI) absolutely unloaded an epic rant against Trump Troll Jeffrey Lord for defending the unconstitutional executive order targeting refugees and citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries.  Governor Granholm spoke truth to power by enumerating the many ways in which Trump is abusing presidential power by ‘governing’ America as ifRead More

Breitbart Bully ‘Offended’ CNN Host Called Him A White Nationalist

Breitbart News is a White Nationalist media outlet. This is an indisputable fact. Which is why Americans are terrified that such a disgraceful, hateful, and racist organization holds so much power in the Trump White House.  How much power and influence does Breitbart News have in the Trump Administration?  Firstly, Breitbart founder and former Editor-in-Chief,Read More

Watch: ‘Trump Presidency In Chaos’ With AG Firing Says Legendary Journalist

Boom! Legendary Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein delivered a hardhitting interview on CNN last night amidst the startling revelation that Trump fired the acting-Attorney General: “The President and his Presidency are in Chaos.”  Such a stern rebuke of Trump’s first two weeks in office from a legend like Carl Bernstein whose Watergate reporting brought down PresidentRead More

Watch: Kellyanne Conway Shamelessly defends ‘Upside’ of Muslim Ban

We all know that Kellyanne Conway is a right wing nut job (RWNJ) and champion Orwellian spinmaster; however, sometimes even your fiery editors at Democratic Memes marvel at how delusional her talking points are when presented with a microphone and national media coverage.   Case in point, Conway went on Fox News Sunday with ChrisRead More