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Watch: Anna Navarro Brilliantly Bodyslams GOP & Trump For Muslim Ban

Boom! Anna Navarro brilliantly bodyslamed the spineless leadership of the Republican Party for their silence and support of Trump’s Muslim Ban.  Former GOP Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was no match for Navarro as the two sparred on CNN with Jake Tapper moderating. While Tapper tried to spin the ban as a temporary measure targeting “MuslimRead More

Watch: Trevor Noah Blasts Trump Muslim Ban, Voter Fraud, and Crybaby POTUS

Boom! Trevor Noah blasts Trump’s Muslim ban, voter fraud claims, and doomsday rhetoric in this hilarious and hard-hitting Daily Show clip.  Trevor Noah has truly got his finger on the pulse of American political life, as he absolutely nailed how nervous and outraged most people are across the country now that Trump has taken office.Read More

Watch: Patron Founder ‘U.S. Consumers Will Pay’ For Trump’s Border Wall

Boom! Yet another high profile, billionaire businessman has come out against Trump’s provacative proposal to slap a 20% tax on Mexican imports to “Pay for the Wall.” John Paul DeJoria, founder of Patron and Paul Mitchell, slammed Trump for his absurd proposal and set the record straight as to who exactly would end up payingRead More

5 Reasons Taxing Mexico Will NOT Pay For Trump’s Trillion Dollar Wall

Despite 15 months of delusional claims and raucous rally chants, Mexico will NOT be paying for a southern border wall.  Sorry Trump voters, you were duped by one of the greatest cons of all time. American taxpayers, not Mexico, will be funding Trump’s narcissistic wet dream of an infrastructure project.  Donald Trump is proposing aRead More

Watch: Reporter Smacks Down Trump’s Voter Fraud Lie With Epic Fact Check

Boom! Watch as an ABC News Reporter smacks down Trump’s bogus voter fraud claims!  We all know that Trump’s ridiculous claim that as many as three million people voted “Illegally” for Hillary Clinton is a blatant lie. However, we did not fully understand, until this week, just how far down this rabbit hole Trump isRead More

Watch: Trump is delusional, Mexico will not pay for a U.S. Border Wall

Boom! Mexican President Pena Nieto laid the smack down on Donald Trump, throwing cold water on Trump’s claims that Mexico will “Pay us back” for the Border Wall.  While Trump’s utterly racist and xenophobic rhetoric on the campaign trail targeting Mexico has not softened, his position on who will pay for it has ‘evolved’ sinceRead More

Watch: McCain slams Trump ‘No Evidence of Illegal Voting’

Boom! Trump continued this week with his Twitter tirade accusing millions of illegal voters cast ballots for Hillary Clinton. The GOP’s very own “Maverick” John McCain had a few choice words for Trump when speaking with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.  Trump likely has a deep sense of his own illegitimacy and that is why he cannotRead More

Watch: Seth Meyers Blasts Trump and His Orwellian “Alternative Facts”

Boom! Seth Meyers absolutely ripped into the Trump Administration for their ridiculous Orwellian logic and propaganda.  Our democracy is nothing without a free and open press, The Fourth Estate, the faithful watchdog of the three main branches of government: Judicial, Electoral, and Legislative. And yet, the daily actions of the Trump Administration suggest otherwise.  TheRead More

Breaking: U.S. Intelligence Officials Investigating Trump Team Russia Calls

Boom! CNN and the Washington Post are reporting that U.S. intelligence officials are investigating calls between Trump’s National Security Adviser, Mike Flynn, and the Russian Ambassador in D.C. This bombshell revelation is yet another glaring example of how in bed with Russia the incoming Administration truly is at a frightening scale.  What did Mike FlynnRead More

Watch: Priebus Has A Meltdown On Fox News Over Crowd Size Criticism

Reince Priebus is in for a long four years as Trump’s Chief of Staff! The proposentiy for Trump to blatantly lie and obsess over unfavorable media coverage leave advisors such as Priebus in a tough position as “Alternative fact” spinmasters.  The fireworks began with a massively important issue: Inauguration crowd sizes. It’s absolutely unbelievable howRead More