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Watch: Colbert Rips Trump Family For $11.3M Travel Bill In First Month!

Boom! Stephen Colbert is emerging as one of the entertainment industry leaders of the resistance.  Each night, “The Late Show” star’s monologue is riddled with sharp-witted content aimed squarely at Delusional Donald and the dumpster fire otherwise known as the Trump Administration.  Last night Colbert stacked the ire of his audience directly on Trump andRead More

Editorial: Trust Trumps Truth, To Defeat Trump, Focus on Trust, Not Facts

Why do so many Americans consciously choose to ignore the mountain of evidence, facts, and incessant fact-checking that dominate news media coverage of the Trump Administration?  The premise of our argument is simple: Trust trumps truth for Trump supporters.  Did Trump win with one of the largest electoral college victories of all-time? No.  Can mostRead More

Watch: John Oliver slams Trump For Inventing Sweden Terrorist Attack

Boom! John Oliver absolutely slammed Trump this weekend for inventing yet another “fake news” terror attack, this time targeting everyone’s favorite Nordic neighbor: Sweden.  Let us repeat ourselves, there was no recent terror attack in Sweden. Is everyone on the same page? Ok good, because apparently our President is not! As always, John Oliver providedRead More

Breaking: Mike Flynn Is A Traitor, Resigns as a National Security Adviser

Boom! It’s official folks: General Mike Flynn Is A Traitor and has resigned as a National Security Adviser to President Donald J. Trump.  Can we honestly say we’re surprised?? Paul Krugman certainly is not! As everyone notes: Justice Department tells Trump that Flynn lied. Response? Nothing (and AG gets fired). Action only when press reportsRead More

Watch: NY Mag Editor Rips Delusional Donald,”Trump Is Mentally Unstable”

Boom! New York Magazine’s Andrew Sullivan joined CNN’s Reliable Sources to  defend his article openly questioning the mental health and stability of Donald Trump. Unfortunately, Mr. Sullivan is 100% correct in his observational assessment of Trump’s mental health, as ‘Delusional Donald’ perpetually portrays alternative facts as reality, and paints a portrait of profound denial inRead More

Watch: Trump Adviser Gets Destroyed For Blatant Voter Fraud Lie On ABC

Boom! Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller absolutely embarrassed himself on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulous by disintegrating into a rightwing delusional diatribe on voter fraud without presenting one single shred of evidence.  Stephen Miller proved himself to be every bit as vile and virulent as other Trump stooges such as Kellyanne Conway and SeanRead More

Watch: SNL Skit Takes The CNN vs Kellyanne Conway Fued To An Epic New Level

Boom! Last night SNL took the feud  between Kellyanne Conway and CNN to an epic new level with a hilarious basic instinct parody that will leave you begging for more! We all know that Kellyanne Conway is batshit crazy, as evidenced by her wall to wall appearances on cable news spinning her ridiculous, ‘through theRead More

Watch: SNL Skit – Trump Takes Muslim Ban To ‘The People’s Court’ with Putin

Boom! Alec Baldwin was back on SNL again this week to mock delusional Donald’s “See You In Court” tweet threatening the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals for upholding the blockade on Trump’s Muslim Ban! The result is pure comedic gold as Trump appears on “The People’s Court” to sue the three judges from the 9thRead More

Watch: Piers Morgan Gets Obliterated On Bill Maher For Defending Muslim Ban

Boom! Trump apologist and former Apprentice sycophant, Piers Morgan, got absolutely obliterated by Jim Jeffries on Real Time with Bill Maher! Piers Morgan set off fireworks on Bill Maher’s show when he decided to spread the duplicitous right wing talking point that Trump’s unconstitutional Muslim Ban is not a Muslim ban because “95% of MuslimsRead More

Watch: Bernie Destroys Ted Cruz in 90 Seconds At CNN Town Hall DebateĀ 

Boom! We have another must see video for you folks, and it packs a serious punch: Bernie Sanders absolutely destroyed Ted Cruz in an epic CNN Town Hall Debate on Obamacare.  We all know Senator Sanders is a fiery liberal firebrand, purveyor of truth, and progressive extraordinaire; however, seeing Bernie go toe to toe withRead More