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Watch: Racist NRA Ad Shows White Man Slam Sledgehammer Into TV

A racist NRA video advert shows an angry white man, wearing a “Socialist Tears” shirt, slamming a sledgehammer into a TV while black New York Times columnist Charles Blow condemns Trump’s racism. The ad focuses intensely on a montage of media coverage critical of Trump, including commentary on the myriad of incendiary tweets, inept policies,Read More

Watch: “When I come home and dinner’s not ready I go through the roof”

New video footage surfaced from a 1994 ABC interview where Trump launched into a sexist rant about women. “I don’t want to sound like a chauvinist, but when I come home and dinner’s not ready I go through the roof!” While the footage was recorded in 1994, the sexist comments align with a recent TrumpRead More

Watch: Biden “Trump is a joke”

Vice President Joe Biden did not hold back about his disdain for Donald Trump in a CNN exclusive with Chris Cuomo, “Let me tell you, he’s a joke.” Biden’s off the cuff remark came amidst an emotional exchange with Cuomo about the DACA Dreamers and the ruthless Republican ploy to hold hundreds of thousands ofRead More

Watch: CNN Panel Mocks Omarosa ‘I was haunted by Trump tweets every day’

A CNN panel led by Don Lemon mocked Omarosa for a quote released by Celebrity Big Brother “I was haunted by [Trump’s] tweets everyday.” The recently fired White House staffer, former Apprentice contestant, and Trump apologist sounded the alarm on CBS Celebrity Big Brother, warning that Americans should be worried about the Trump Administration. TheRead More

Watch: CNN Mocks Trump For Lying About State of The Union Ratings

CNN mocked Trump for lying about the TV ratings of his State of The Union address on Tuesday. Delusional Donald took to Twitter to boast about having the highest ratings ever for a State of The Union; however, as usual the facts tell a different story. Thank you for all of the nice compliments andRead More

Watch: GOP Memo Like ‘Writing Book Review Without Reading Book’

Representative Gary Swalwell (D-CA) crushed Republicans for releasing the controversial, so called “Nunes Memo” without reading the underlying intelligence briefing documents that underpin the wild claims in the Memo. Swalwell lambasted the Nunes Memo as ‘brainwashing’ full of ‘conspiracy theories’. Swalwell also criticized how the GOP House Intel Committee drafted a memo summarizing intelligence documentsRead More

Watch: Heated Exchange Over Trump’s Response To School Shooting

Wednesday’s White House Press Briefing got heated when ABC News Reporter Peter Alexander challenged Sarah Huckabee Sanders over Trump’s lackluster response to the latest string of school shootings. Things took a turn for the worse when Alexander asked Sanders what Trump was specifically planning to do to reduce shoot shootings in the United States. AlexanderRead More

Watch: GOP Senator “FBI Secret Society” Working To Overthrow Trump

Senator Ron Johnson claims an “informant” has news about the FBI “Secret Society” working to overthrow President Trump. The comments sparked controversy and outrage at the notion that a sitting United States Senator would broadcast such a bonkers conspiracy theory live on national television. Trump’s rhetoric lambasting the FBI and intelligence agencies has reached newRead More

Watch: Paul Ryan Got A Lot Of Koch Money After Passing GOP Tax Scam

Paul Ryan got a lot of Koch money after passing the GOP Tax Scam law that defrauded taxpayers and blew a massive $1 Trillion hole in the national debt. The Koch Brothers invested billions in right wing Republican and will receive a huge payday from the new tax law changes aimed at securing a permanentRead More

Watch: “Paul Ryan is a spineless moral midget”

“Paul Ryan is a spineless moral midget,” according to conservative journalist Jennifer Rubin who writes “The Right Turn” editorial column for the Washington Post. Rubin slammed Ryan after a shameful appearance on CBS Face The Nation Sunday Morning in which he refused to repudiate a ridiculous radio ad put out by the political PAC “DonaldRead More