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Watch: Trevor Noah Blasts Trump Muslim Ban, Voter Fraud, and Crybaby POTUS

Boom! Trevor Noah blasts Trump’s Muslim ban, voter fraud claims, and doomsday rhetoric in this hilarious and hard-hitting Daily Show clip.  Trevor Noah has truly got his finger on the pulse of American political life, as he absolutely nailed how nervous and outraged most people are across the country now that Trump has taken office.Read More

Watch: Daily Show Reporter Trolls Trump ‘Victory Tour’

  Daily Show reporter trolls Trump ‘Victory tour’ Boom! The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper expertly trolled the parade of ‘Pepes’ and ‘Deplorables’ that gathered at a recent Trump “Victory Tour” rally in Ohio. You don’t have a be a ‘Coastal Elite’ to take sweet pleasure at the video sketch below highlighting the sad, uninformed, self-congratulatoryRead More