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Watch: SNL Weekend Update With Ruth Bader Ginsberg! 

Boom! Saturday Night Live did it again this week, delivering a hilarious political segment on Weekend Update staring Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  Kate McKinnon played the role of Justice Ginsberg, in a punchy satirical sketch that took aim at Republican gerrymandering as well as some tongue and cheek humor about conservative justices.  ThisRead More

Watch: CNN Hosts Slam GOP Senator for Supreme Court Double Standard  

GOP Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) got slammed by two CNN hosts for the ridiculous double standard Republicans are applying to Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation proceedings.  Unable to take the heat, the Utah Senator melted down, calling the CNN hosts “Complete BS” and insinuating that Republicans acted appropriately by blocking Garland because “Democrats wouldRead More

Watch:Sheldon Whitehouse Demolishes Neil Gorsuch For Special Interest Ties

Boom! Sheldon Whitehouse absolutely destroyed Trump’s Surpreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, today at his Senate confirmation hearing with an epic rant eviscerating Gorsuch’s conservative record and special interest ties.  Neil Gorsuch is NOT a moderate judge, he is a conservative judicial activist pushing a radical corporate agenda at the behest of monied special interests.  CaseRead More

Watch: SNL Skit – Trump Takes Muslim Ban To ‘The People’s Court’ with Putin

Boom! Alec Baldwin was back on SNL again this week to mock delusional Donald’s “See You In Court” tweet threatening the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals for upholding the blockade on Trump’s Muslim Ban! The result is pure comedic gold as Trump appears on “The People’s Court” to sue the three judges from the 9thRead More

3 Reasons The Republican Party Won’t Survive The “Trumpocalypse”

(1) Trump will lose the Latino vote for a generation.  Trump built the foundation of his campaign on anti-immigrant, xenophobic rhetoric epitomized by the infamous “Border Wall” with Mexico. According to Trump, Mexicans are “rapists”, criminals, and need to be deported by the millions.  There is no way that a major political party can nominateRead More

Watch: O’Reilly Explodes As Trump Says 14th Amendment Is Unconstitutional”, “Our Country Is Going To Hell”

  Go home Donald Trump, you’re drunk! Our friend Mr. Trump, aka Orange Is The New Quack, apparently has been getting legal advice from pre-Civil War Supreme Court briefs because ‘The Donald’ thinks that the 14th Amendment is unconstitutional. You know, the same 14th Amendment that, like, made former slaves U.S. citizens and entitled AfricanRead More

Watch: Rick Perry Wants More Guns In Movie Theaters!

  Did he really say that? Yes, Gov. Rick Perry ACTUALLY wants more guns in movie theaters after several mass shootings in movie theaters. He feels that more guns would lead to safer outcomes for movie goers. Mr. Perry’s arguments run contrary to rational logic and presuppose that guns = safety even though everything thatRead More

Watch: Fox News Erupts After Missouri Sheriff Puts “In God We Trust” On Cop Cars

  A Missouri Sheriff’s decision to place “In God We Trust” stickers on dozens and dozens of cop cars in his municipality came under criticism in recent days on the grounds that it erodes the separation between Church and State.   As you can imagine, this didn’t go down well on Fox News. In typical misogynistic Fox NewsRead More

Nebraska Woman Sues All Gay People in landmark “Driskell v. Homosexuals”

A 66-year old woman tried to sue all of the gay people on earth; this is not a headline from the Onion! Her lawsuit has since been thrown out. Sylvia Driskell, 66 year-old Nebraska native, called herself an ambassador of “God, And His, Son Jesus Christ [sic].” There are two things that are very disturbing about this.Read More