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Watch: SNL Robert Mueller Parody Will Make Your Day

The Saturday Night Live parody of Robert Mueller will make your day! This week we learned that Jeff Sessions was interrogated by Mueller’s investigators for hours, in a move that infuriated Trump. It’s clear to all conscious observers that the noose of Mueller’s investigation is tightening around the neck of the Trump White House. KeyRead More

Watch: Hilarious SNL ‘Morning Joe’ Parody Torches Steve Bannon

SNL dropped a hilarious parody of MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ that will make your day. The video below brilliantly summarizes the frenzied week that was, from Oprah’s emergence as a political savior and potential 2020 challenger, to Bannon’s removal from Breitbart News after inflammatory quotes surfaced in Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury.” Bill Murray returned toRead More

Watch: SNL perfectly mocks Trump’s Twitter feud with Puerto Rico 

SNL perfectly mocked Trump’s Twitter feud with Carmin Yukin Cruz, the mayor of Puerto Rico’s capital city, San Juan.  Alec Baldwin is back as ‘Delusional Donald’, and absolutely nailed Trump’s ridiculous response to the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico.  Trump publicly mocked the U.S. territory, essentially telling the devasted island nation to ‘Stop whining’ afterRead More

Watch: SNL Mock Trump Phoenix Rally With Epic Roast By Alec Baldwin 

Boom! Saturday Night Live are back with a vengeance, with a hilarious Cold Open that roasts Trump’s ridiculous rally in Phoenix this week in which he completely distorted his response to the Charlottesville clashes.  Baldwin was in top form with his Trump impersonation, and it’s clear the actor didn’t lose a step during the SummerRead More

Watch: SNL Torch Trump With Epic Jeff Sessions Forrest Gump Sketch!

Boom! Saturday Night Live torched Trump last night with an epic sketch targeting Jeff Sessions as Forest Gump! The hardhitting sketch will likely send Delusional Donald into a paranoid frenzy, and provided yet another stellar example of political satire as a vital democratic tool to speak truth to power.  Jeff Sessions is clearly on theRead More

Watch: SNL Skit Takes The CNN vs Kellyanne Conway Fued To An Epic New Level

Boom! Last night SNL took the feud  between Kellyanne Conway and CNN to an epic new level with a hilarious basic instinct parody that will leave you begging for more! We all know that Kellyanne Conway is batshit crazy, as evidenced by her wall to wall appearances on cable news spinning her ridiculous, ‘through theRead More

Watch: SNL Skit – Trump Takes Muslim Ban To ‘The People’s Court’ with Putin

Boom! Alec Baldwin was back on SNL again this week to mock delusional Donald’s “See You In Court” tweet threatening the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals for upholding the blockade on Trump’s Muslim Ban! The result is pure comedic gold as Trump appears on “The People’s Court” to sue the three judges from the 9thRead More

Watch: SNL Nails Trump’s Eratic Calls To World Leaders, Childish Behavior 

Boom! Alex Baldwin is back on Saturday Night Live (SNL) and delivered yet another stellar performance as ‘The Mad King’ Donald J. Trump.  Naturally, no SNL sketch involving the Trump White House would be complete without an appearance from the spawn of Satan himself, Steve Bannon, and the recurring theme of Bannon as the GrimRead More

Watch: SNL Shreds Sean Spicer’s Will To Live With Epic Press Briefing Sketch

Boom! Saturday Night Live (SNL) absolutely shredded Sean Spicer last night with an epic sketch that accurately depicts how ridiculous, tense, and combative the Press Secretary’s relationship is with the White House Press Pool.  Spicer began his tenure as Press Secretary by greeting reporters with an unhinged rant scolding media outlets for their hard-hitting coverageRead More

Watch: SNL Slams Trump Inauguration, Low Turnout, and Putin’s Glee

Vladimir Putin is a happy man today! And the writers at SNL brought this point home brilliantly in this week’s “Cold Open” by roasting both Trump and Putin in a sketch starring a shirtless, devious and boastful looking Putin.  Why is Putin so chipper and optimistic? It’s likely because his Manchurian candidate finally took theRead More