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What To Say To Make Your Trumpkin Friend Blow A Fuse – Part 1: Russia

Look, we’ve all been there.  You’re in a heated debate with a Trumpkin, and they’re citing anecdotal evidence to justify deporting millions or discriminating against Muslims.  Your blood is boiling and you’re searching for the perfect thing to say.  Well, good news…we’ve got you covered! Our sleeper cell network of undercover liberals, masquerading as undecideds/moderates, hasRead More

Breaking: Mike Flynn Is A Traitor, Resigns as a National Security Adviser

Boom! It’s official folks: General Mike Flynn Is A Traitor and has resigned as a National Security Adviser to President Donald J. Trump.  Can we honestly say we’re surprised?? Paul Krugman certainly is not! As everyone notes: Justice Department tells Trump that Flynn lied. Response? Nothing (and AG gets fired). Action only when press reportsRead More

Watch: SNL Skit – Trump Takes Muslim Ban To ‘The People’s Court’ with Putin

Boom! Alec Baldwin was back on SNL again this week to mock delusional Donald’s “See You In Court” tweet threatening the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals for upholding the blockade on Trump’s Muslim Ban! The result is pure comedic gold as Trump appears on “The People’s Court” to sue the three judges from the 9thRead More

Breaking: U.S. Intelligence Officials Investigating Trump Team Russia Calls

Boom! CNN and the Washington Post are reporting that U.S. intelligence officials are investigating calls between Trump’s National Security Adviser, Mike Flynn, and the Russian Ambassador in D.C. This bombshell revelation is yet another glaring example of how in bed with Russia the incoming Administration truly is at a frightening scale.  What did Mike FlynnRead More

Watch: SNL Slams Trump Inauguration, Low Turnout, and Putin’s Glee

Vladimir Putin is a happy man today! And the writers at SNL brought this point home brilliantly in this week’s “Cold Open” by roasting both Trump and Putin in a sketch starring a shirtless, devious and boastful looking Putin.  Why is Putin so chipper and optimistic? It’s likely because his Manchurian candidate finally took theRead More

Watch: Trump Crybaby Sean Spicer Condemns “Mean Spirited” SNL

Donald Trump is a bully, and like most most bullies, his latent sense of aggression stems from a profound place of insecurity. Which in the case of the President-elect manifests itself as an inability to withstand even the fainted form of criticism.  We need not look further than Trump’s high-profile and longstanding feud with NBC’sRead More

Free Press? LOL. Welcome To Russia!

  After this week’s jaw-dropping intelligence drop, and circus-like press conference (nearly 6 months after the PEOTUS last held one), many of us out there felt there were some similarities to what has taken place in other autocratic administrations globally. A great post by Russian writer Alexey Kovalev explains how what we are seeing today seems eerily similarRead More

Trump Is Putin’s ‘Golden Boy’ In More Ways Than One

  I think it’s safe to say that Donald Trump is Vladimir Putin’s ‘Golden Boy’ and I swear this is not yellow journalism (pun intended!).   The recently leaked intelligence reports show some very disturbing details into Trump’s relationship with Russia, not simply those linked to Trump’s sexual escapades in Moscow hotel rooms. I’m talkingRead More