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Trump Picks Rick Perry To Lead Department Perry Once Pledged To Abolish 

Breaking news, the Senate is about to confirm failed butcher turned GOP politician, Rick Perry, to be the next Secretary of Energy.  Trump decided to ‘Drain the swamp’ by bucking the trend of appointing a highly regarded scientist to oversee our nuclear stockpiles, instead appointing one of the least intelligent beings on the planet toRead More

Watch: Rick Perry Wants More Guns In Movie Theaters!

  Did he really say that? Yes, Gov. Rick Perry ACTUALLY wants more guns in movie theaters after several mass shootings in movie theaters. He feels that more guns would lead to safer outcomes for movie goers. Mr. Perry’s arguments run contrary to rational logic and presuppose that guns = safety even though everything thatRead More

Watch: Rick Perry Gets Everything Wrong About U.S. History In 2 Minutes

  Rick Perry is the gift that keeps on giving! His presidential announcement speech was, arguably, the worst of all time. Not only did he get everything wrong about U.S. History in the short video below, but he also argued, with a straight face, that “We survived Jimmy Carter, We’ll Survive Barack Obama!”   TheRead More

Watch: Rick Perry Gives Worst Presidential Announcement Speech Of All Time

  It’s official folks: Rick Perry has entered the race for the 2016 GOP Presidential Nomination. What’s that? You’re not jumping around doing a happy dance right now? Well that’s probably because you watched Rick Perry’s announcement speech and wondered to yourself, “How does this man dress himself?”   Governor Rick Perry’s team could notRead More