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Watch: Even Rightwing Nut Jobs Like Rick Santorum Are Turning On Trump

Even right wing nutjobs (RWNJ) like Rick Santorum are turning on Trump, and GOP leaders should be terrified.  When fringe politicians like Rick Santorum, former U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania, feel the urge to lecture Trump on the Sunday shows about how to be a ‘good president’ and reign in his dirty little tweeting habbit, youRead More

Watch: Reporter Crushes Spicer For Obamacare ‘Just a  Cute Little Plastic Card’ Claim

Boom! CNN’s Jim Acosta opened a can of whoop ass on Sean Spicer after a flippant remark that Obamacare is nothing more than a “Cute little plastic card that I can wave around.” What ‘alternative fact’ driven, parallel universe does Sean Spicer live in? Seriously, expanding healthcare coverage to over 20 million Americans is nothingRead More

Watch: Reporter Catches Spicer In Epic Lie On DOJ Investigation of Trump

Boom! The million dollar question these days that the Administration simply refuse to truthfully answer is actually quite simple: “Is President Donald Trump under investigation by the Department of Justice?”  Sean Spicer was caught red handed in an epic showdown with a White House correspondent regarding Spicer’s earlier claims that the Administration were given reassurancesRead More

Watch: Ben Carson Thinks Slaves Were ‘Immigrants’ Looking For ‘Opportunity’

Did Ben Carson just compare slaves to immigrants looking for opportunity? Sweet Jesus, someone get this man a history book! “That’s what America is about, a land of dreams and opportunity. There were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships and worked even harder and longer for no less.” Ben CarsonRead More

Watch: Piers Morgan Gets Obliterated On Bill Maher For Defending Muslim Ban

Boom! Trump apologist and former Apprentice sycophant, Piers Morgan, got absolutely obliterated by Jim Jeffries on Real Time with Bill Maher! Piers Morgan set off fireworks on Bill Maher’s show when he decided to spread the duplicitous right wing talking point that Trump’s unconstitutional Muslim Ban is not a Muslim ban because “95% of MuslimsRead More

Watch: Bernie Destroys Ted Cruz in 90 Seconds At CNN Town Hall Debate 

Boom! We have another must see video for you folks, and it packs a serious punch: Bernie Sanders absolutely destroyed Ted Cruz in an epic CNN Town Hall Debate on Obamacare.  We all know Senator Sanders is a fiery liberal firebrand, purveyor of truth, and progressive extraordinaire; however, seeing Bernie go toe to toe withRead More

Watch: SNL Nails Trump’s Eratic Calls To World Leaders, Childish Behavior 

Boom! Alex Baldwin is back on Saturday Night Live (SNL) and delivered yet another stellar performance as ‘The Mad King’ Donald J. Trump.  Naturally, no SNL sketch involving the Trump White House would be complete without an appearance from the spawn of Satan himself, Steve Bannon, and the recurring theme of Bannon as the GrimRead More

Watch: SNL Shreds Sean Spicer’s Will To Live With Epic Press Briefing Sketch

Boom! Saturday Night Live (SNL) absolutely shredded Sean Spicer last night with an epic sketch that accurately depicts how ridiculous, tense, and combative the Press Secretary’s relationship is with the White House Press Pool.  Spicer began his tenure as Press Secretary by greeting reporters with an unhinged rant scolding media outlets for their hard-hitting coverageRead More

Watch: Comedian Trolls GOP With “Breathe Easy” Radical Muslim Detector

Boom! The folks at Fusion perfectly captured the ridiculous right wing anti-Muslim hysteria with an epic informercial spoof for a spurious product “Breathe Easy” radical Muslim detector.  The concept of the spoof invokes the blind fear so many Republicand hold against Muslims by offering an easy solution to tell just how jihadi your Muslim neighborsRead More

Watch: Steve Bannon is “The de facto President” and this should terrify you

A white nationalist and Nazi wannabe, Steve Bannon, is “The de facto President” and we all should be terrified!  That’s right folks, Steve Bannon’s fingerprints are all over some of Trump’s most obnoxiously offensive acts as President, such as the now infamous Muslim ban that caused so much tumult over the past seven days beforeRead More