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President Obama is ‘Most Admired Man’ For 10th Consecutive Year

A new poll released by Gallup revealed that President Obama is the ‘Most Admired Man’ in America for the 10th consecutive year. President Obama bested Trump in this year’s polling, the first time ever a sitting president in their first year failed to top the list. The results of the Gallup poll with likely sendRead More

Watch: Trevor Noah Blasts Trump Muslim Ban, Voter Fraud, and Crybaby POTUS

Boom! Trevor Noah blasts Trump’s Muslim ban, voter fraud claims, and doomsday rhetoric in this hilarious and hard-hitting Daily Show clip.  Trevor Noah has truly got his finger on the pulse of American political life, as he absolutely nailed how nervous and outraged most people are across the country now that Trump has taken office.Read More

Watch: ‘Mourning In America’ Trump Inaugural Crowds Dwarfed By Obama

Boom! A stunning video by Vox reveals the massive gulf between the enthusiasm of President Obama’s inauguration versus the dark cloud of despair hanging over Trump’s inauguration as President.  We all know that Trump is the least popular President in four decades. But low approval numbers don’t always tell the whole story. There is aRead More

Watch: Obama Roasts Staffer Who Called In Sick To Watch World Series

We are going to miss President Obama’s charisma and charm when he transitions back to civilian life on January 20, 2017! This week President Obama hosted the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs at The White House to commemorate their achievements this season.  President Obama was all smiles and visibly estatic as he honored his hometownRead More

Watch: Obama vs. Trump Talk About Their Daughters

  We all know Donald Trump is a creepy, misogynistic man. At the other end of the spectrum, President Obama shows nothing but honor and respect for women, especially when it comes to Michelle and his daughters Sasha and Malia.   Conversely, Trump aka Mr. “Grab Her By The Pussy,” almost exclusively speaks in crude,Read More

GOP Obamacare Plan ‘Repeal and Go F*ck Yourself, America’

The brilliant co-hosts and founders of Crooked Media‘s “Pod Save America” have expertly labeled the GOP Obamacare repeal plan “Repeal, and go F*ck yourself!”  That’s because senior Republican leaders in Congress, including Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), have signaled publicly that they plan to immediately repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) within the first 100 daysRead More

Watch: Trump Owned By U.S. State Department Over Russia Hack

  Watch: Trump Owned By U.S. State Department Over Russia Hack.   Boom! The U.S. State Department is “100% Certain” that Russia did indeed interfere in U.S. elections by hacking the Democratic National Committee and senior Clinton Campaign Staffers.   Meanwhile, Trump and his army of media troll deplorables (chiefly Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer)Read More

5 Reasons President Obama is one of the greatest of all time

  Barack Obama is one of the greatest presidents of all time. But don’t just take our word for it, let’s examine the evidence. With President Obama entering the twilight of his second term as the 2016 presidential campaign heads up, his popularity is soaring as millions of Americans embrace the stellar record, steady hand,Read More

Watch: CIA Report, Trump is Putin’s President

  Watch: CIA Report, Trump is Putin’s President   We have a few updates below on this developing story:   President Obama has ordered a full review of Russian interference and hacking in the 2016 Election. The President expects this report before he leaves office on January 20th, 2017. Senior CIA officials on Friday met withRead More

Watch: “The Legacy of President Obama”

  Watch: The Legacy of President Obama What an incredible ride it’s been over the past eight years. Does anyone else remember the joy, the inescapable sense of hope and opportunity that we felt on Inauguration Day in January 2009? CNN’s Fareed Zakaria produced this spectacular look back on President Obama’s tenure in the OvalRead More