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Watch: Ted Cruz Lies About 2013 Shutdown, Gets Owned By Reporter

Ted Cruz lied about the 2013 government shutdown and got owned by an MSNBC reporter Kassie Hunt. Hunt is a veteran political reporter with deep knowledge of the intricacies involved in the 2013 government shutdown, having covered the legislative showdown first hand as a reporter in the halls of Congress. Ted Cruz misrepresented his roleRead More

Watch: Donald Trump Is The ‘Godfather’ Of Fake News

Boom! Michael Moore eviscerated Trump on MSNBC’s “All In With Chris Hayes” by calling out Trump for the fraudulent, illegitimate, conman that he truly is: “The Godfather of Fake News.” Amidst a wide-ranging interview that offered guidance on how to resist the tyranny of the Trump Administration, Michael Moore offered an energetic call-to-arms to membersRead More

Why did Putin sabotage the U.S. Election?

Why did Putin sabotage the U.S. Election? It’s official folks, Vladimir Putin gave the orders for Russian intelligence agencies to interfere in the U.S. Presidential. What was Putin’s aim? Senior U.S. Intelligence heads confirmed before Congress that Putin’s objective was to tip the election in favor of Donald Trump, settle a petty dispute with SecretaryRead More

Watch: Rust Belt GM Workers Speak Out On Trump

  Watch: Rust Belt GM Workers Speak Out On Trump.   Attention Rust Belt Workers: Donald Trump is NOT going to save your jobs! Unless of course your management team can be¬†bullied by 3am tweets.   It’s almost heartbreaking to hear the voices of Rust Belt Trump voters who crossed party lines to elect aRead More

Watch: Ted Cruz Gets Destroyed On Hardball With Chris Matthews

  Ted Cruz entered the ring with Chris Matthews on MSNBC to play hardball on the 2016 race and the issue of ‘illegal’ immigration. Senator Cruz¬†praised Donald Trump for bringing national media attention to the issue of undocumented immigration and sounded the apocalyptic alarm by insinuating that our nation is under attack by hundred ofRead More

Watch: Huckabee Compares Iran Deal To Holocaust, Gets Destroyed By MSNBC Host

  Mike Huckabee reminded America today just how batshit crazy and messianic he is on the inside. Huckabee’s comments comparing President Obama’s Iran Deal to the Holocaust is so profoundly disgusting that it places him firmly at the fringe of the 2016 GOP Clown Car. Just when you thought no one in the Republican fieldRead More

Watch: Hilarious Heckler Interrupts MSNBC Political Reporter “Howard Stern’s Penis”

  Happy Sunday folks! This is a hilarious clip of a heckler interrupting MSNBC political reporter Kasie Hunt on live TV. DemocraticMemes can neither confirm nor deny that this heckler worked for our political team; however, it is quite clear that the unidentified heckler has a bizarre fixation with Howard Stern’s penis. Kasie Hunt handledRead More