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Watch: Hannity and Trump Nearly Piss Themselves Over Iran Deal

  It’s like the Super Bowl here at Democratic Memes when we’re able to cover an interview between Sean Hannity and Donald Trump! Who knew you could cram so much patriotism into a 14 minute tv interview? Honestly, you gotta give it up to Trump for stepping into the “lion’s den” with Sean Hannity toRead More

Watch: President Obama Announces Historic Nuclear Agreement With Iran

  Breaking: President Obama Announces Historic Nuclear Deal With Iran   This is absolutely a positive development and another example of a Democratic president cleaning up messes left by previous Republican Administrations. President Bush refused to engage Iran in the Middle East, even when in 2001 Iran offered to help fight the Taliban in AfghanistanRead More

Watch: CNN Host Destroys Islamophobe Pamela Geller With One Question

  CNN Host Chris Cuomo Destroyed A Bigot With One Question: Does not saying the N-Word violate your freedom of speech?   I’ve paraphrased Cuomo’s question but the crux of the logic is the same: Bigoted Islamophobes like Pamela Geller believe that they should be allowed to say whatever they want, whenever they want, regardless ofRead More

Watch: Warmonger McCain Wants U.S. To Invade Iraq…Again!

  Watch: Senator John McCain shamelessly blames President Obama and says “We’re Losing To ISIS.” The most recent national debate about the efficacy of the 2003 Invasion Of Iraq and whether 2016 Presidential Candidates think it was a good idea or not, knowing what they know how, has taken a dramatic twist. Warmongers like Sen.Read More

Fox Host: U.S. Kids Joining ISIS Because Of Multiculturalism

  U.S. Kids Find The Islamic State Appealing Because Of Multiculturalism   They say money doesn’t grow on trees, but I’m pretty sure that bullshit grows on trees given how frequently Fox News parades ignorant hosts on national television and allows them to spew hateful, idiotic right-wing rhetoric. Case in point: The video below shows aRead More

Breaking: Hillary Clinton Admits Iraq War Vote Was A Mistake

Breaking Story: Hillary Clinton took several questions from the press today on the campaign trial in Iowa. Secretary Clinton answered the questions with ease and didn’t appear rusty at all after weeks of limited direct exposure to the press corps. Sec. Clinton admitted, rather forcefully, that her vote on the 2003 Iraq War was aRead More