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Watch: Hillary Clinton Destroys Jeb Bush’s Absurd ‘Right To Rise’ Slogan With One Line

  Boom! Secretary Clinton came out swinging at a Florida gathering where she shared the stage with Dubya’s brother, former Governor, and born again Latino Jeb Bush. Speaking shortly before Mr. Bush took the stage, Sec. Clinton absolutely destroyed the audaciously named ‘Right To Rise’ PAC that Jeb uses as the fundraising arm of hisRead More

Watch: Jeb Bush Left Speechless By Young Democrat

  Wow, Jeb Bush got DESTROYED by this young Democratic activist. Boom! If Jeb Bush can’t even take tough questions on the campaign trail from teenagers, how is he going to hold up in negotiations with Putin or Iran? Hint: Not well! Jeb Bush has surrounded himself with the same failed economic advisors and foreignRead More