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Watch: Senator Warren Smashes Bank CEO For Bogus Bailout Hypocrisy

Boom! Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) smashed Zions First National Bank CEO Harris Simmons at a Senate hearing this week on deregulation in the financial sector.  Warren called out Harris for his bogus bailout hypocrisy by pointing out that in 2006, just as the housing bubble was beginning to burst, Harris delivered similar testimony arguing thatRead More

Sen. Warren Shames Trump’s Labor Pick For Breaking Labor Laws

Sen. Warren Shames Trump’s Labor Pick For Breaking Labor Laws! Boom! Senator Elizabeth Warren, the Liberal Lion of the U.S. Senate, absolutely destroyed Trump’s pick for Labor Secretary, Andrew Puzder, for repeatedly breaking labor laws at his fast food chains Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s.  If confirmed as @USDOL Secretary, Andrew Puzder would oversee enforcement ofRead More

Editorial: We Must Resist Trump, Save Our Democracy!

  We’re back America! The Democratic Memes editorial team are fired up and ready to lead the resistance against the fascist tyranny of the Trump era. Stay tuned right here for relevant, hard-hitting content that will piss off your conservative friends. This is the blog that your Republican grandpa warned you about! This is theRead More

Watch: Hillary Targets Income Inequality, “Deck Is Stacked” We Need To Rebuild The Middle Class

  Hillary Clinton released a stellar new ad targeting income inequality. The theme of the new campaign commercial is “The Deck Is Stacked” against ordinary¬†Americans and we need to rebuild our economy around well-paying Middle Class jobs.   We couldn’t agree more with Secretary Clinton and we’re proud that the Democratic Party presidential hopefuls areRead More