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Watch: Trump Explodes When Questioned About Immigration Plan “Deport Families”

  Donald Trump went off the deep end on Sunday when interviewed by Chuck Todd of NBC’s Meet The Press about his abrasive, anti-immigrant rhetoric. When pressed about the specifics of his immigration plan on board his private jet, Trump exploded at Chuck Todd and insisted that we needed to deport families because “We eitherRead More

Watch: Ted Cruz Gets Destroyed On Hardball With Chris Matthews

  Ted Cruz entered the ring with Chris Matthews on MSNBC to play hardball on the 2016 race and the issue of ‘illegal’ immigration. Senator Cruz praised Donald Trump for bringing national media attention to the issue of undocumented immigration and sounded the apocalyptic alarm by insinuating that our nation is under attack by hundred ofRead More

Watch: Obama Calls Trump With Debate Advice (Jimmy Fallon)

  Ever wonder what it would be like if President Obama called Donald Trump with last minute debate prep advice? I mean, POTUS knows a thing or two about debating on the national stage, under the big bright lights, and coming out on top. Right? #TwoTerms   Anyhow, Jimmy Fallon brought his comedic genius toRead More

Watch: Trump At U.S. Border “I Will Build The Wall And Mexico Is Going to Pay For It”

  Trump toured the U.S.-Mexico border this week and reiterated his absurd claim that he “Will Build The Border Wall And Make Mexico Pay For It!” Sorry Trump, that’s a slogan that looks great on a bumper sticker in Red State America but it’s nothing more than a Tea Party wet dream. What’s next, Trump’sRead More