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Watch: Patron Founder ‘U.S. Consumers Will Pay’ For Trump’s Border Wall

Boom! Yet another high profile, billionaire businessman has come out against Trump’s provacative proposal to slap a 20% tax on Mexican imports to “Pay for the Wall.” John Paul DeJoria, founder of Patron and Paul Mitchell, slammed Trump for his absurd proposal and set the record straight as to who exactly would end up payingRead More

5 Reasons Taxing Mexico Will NOT Pay For Trump’s Trillion Dollar Wall

Despite 15 months of delusional claims and raucous rally chants, Mexico will NOT be paying for a southern border wall.  Sorry Trump voters, you were duped by one of the greatest cons of all time. American taxpayers, not Mexico, will be funding Trump’s narcissistic wet dream of an infrastructure project.  Donald Trump is proposing aRead More

Watch: Trump is delusional, Mexico will not pay for a U.S. Border Wall

Boom! Mexican President Pena Nieto laid the smack down on Donald Trump, throwing cold water on Trump’s claims that Mexico will “Pay us back” for the Border Wall.  While Trump’s utterly racist and xenophobic rhetoric on the campaign trail targeting Mexico has not softened, his position on who will pay for it has ‘evolved’ sinceRead More

Watch: Meryl Streep Slams Trump at Golden Globes

Watch: Meryl Streep Slams Trump at Golden Globes! Last night Meryl Streep won the prestigious Cecil B. DeMille award at the Golden Globes and used her acceptance speech to slam President-elect Donald Trump. Streep’s sharp rebuke of Trump’s hateful, racist, and xenophobic rhetoric spurred a standing ovation from the audience.  Streep stressed that the magicRead More

What’s Wrong With Donald Trump’s Border Wall?

What’s wrong with Donald Trump’s Border Wall?  First let’s begin with the following: What’s wrong with Donald Trump? I don’t mean to be vague-this list truly could be infinite: fake tan, excessive hair dye, ridiculous comb overs, the NRA, etc. But in the wake of his inauguration as President, and electoral decisions that have madeRead More

Watch: Trump Forces America To Pay For Border Wall

  Watch: Trump Forces America To Pay For Border Wall.   Is anyone surprised? Trump confirmed this week that American taxpayers will pay for his $14 billion Border Wall. That’s right, Trump is yet again asking taxpayers for a massive bailout, only this time, he was on public record for 20 month proclaiming that Mexico wouldRead More

Trump Security Adviser Met Neo-Nazi Group

      Trump Security Adviser Met Neo-Nazi Group   Multiple News Outlets are reporting that Trump’s Senior National Security Adviser, Ret. Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, recently met a far-right, anti-immigrant Austrian political leader whose party was founded by WWII Nazis!   That’s right folks, Trump has placed known nazi sympathizers into the highest ranksRead More

5 Reasons President Obama is one of the greatest of all time

  Barack Obama is one of the greatest presidents of all time. But don’t just take our word for it, let’s examine the evidence. With President Obama entering the twilight of his second term as the 2016 presidential campaign heads up, his popularity is soaring as millions of Americans embrace the stellar record, steady hand,Read More

Journalist Exposes Trump campaign in “Panic Mode” with Latinos 

Boom! Legendary Univision journalist Jorge Ramos exposed how the Trump Campaign is in “Panic Mode” with Latinos less than 70 days until Election Day.  Mass deportations, a thirty foot border wall, “They’re rapists”–there a so many reasons why Latino voters will come out in droves on Election Day to resoundingly reject xenophobia and fascism byRead More

Watch: O’Reilly Explodes As Trump Says 14th Amendment Is Unconstitutional”, “Our Country Is Going To Hell”

  Go home Donald Trump, you’re drunk! Our friend Mr. Trump, aka Orange Is The New Quack, apparently has been getting legal advice from pre-Civil War Supreme Court briefs because ‘The Donald’ thinks that the 14th Amendment is unconstitutional. You know, the same 14th Amendment that, like, made former slaves U.S. citizens and entitled AfricanRead More