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Watch: Jeff Sessions Labels Immigrants ‘Illiterate’ with ‘No skills’ and are ‘Not Successful’

Attorney General Jeff Sessions proved yet again this week that he’s a dodgy old racist hellbent on ending legal immigration and unraveling safeguards to protect racial and ethnic minorities. In an appearance on Fox News with Tucker Carlson, the heir to Bill O’Reilly’s late night racist empire, Sessions went on a ‘Archie Bunker’ rant aboutRead More

Watch: Map shows where most undocumented workers live in the U.S. 

Where do most undocumented immigrants live? This brilliant animated video shows that over 60% of undocumented immigrants live in metropolitan cities, with the largest populations in the New York City, Los Angeles, and Houston metropolitan areas.  Delusional Donald Trump wants to immediately deport all undocumented immigrants from the United States. But what would that reallyRead More

Trump Calls Deportation Push “Military Operation” To Get “Really bad dudes”

Tyrannical fascism is alive and well in America as Delusional Donald announced today that his push for a mass deportation force is a “Military Operation” aimed at catching “Really bad dudes.” We cannot allow Trump to steamroll due process of law and round up immigrants by the millions simply because he “heard” that there areRead More

Watch: Delusional Donald Takes Credit for Securing the U.S.-Canada Border

Boom! Delusional Donald took credit for securing the infamous and notoriously dangerous: U.S-Canada Border?  That’s right folks, at a joint press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Trump bragged about how his Administration have done a “Tremendous Job” securing the Canadian Border. Because, you know, that’s what his whole campaign platform was about, right?Read More

Watch: Comedian Trolls GOP With “Breathe Easy” Radical Muslim Detector

Boom! The folks at Fusion perfectly captured the ridiculous right wing anti-Muslim hysteria with an epic informercial spoof for a spurious product “Breathe Easy” radical Muslim detector.  The concept of the spoof invokes the blind fear so many Republicand hold against Muslims by offering an easy solution to tell just how jihadi your Muslim neighborsRead More

Breaking: Homeland Security Suspends Trump Travel Ban, Federal Ruling

Boom! Breaking News: The Department of Homeland Security have suspended Trump’s unconstitutional and unlawful travel ban. In a dramatic turn of events, a federal judge in Washington State ruled that Trump’s illegal executive order violates the Constitution by banning legal visa holders from seven Muslim countries from entering the United States.  The walls are closingRead More

Watch: Former Michigan Governor Unloads On Troll For Defending Muslim Ban

Boom! Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm (D-MI) absolutely unloaded an epic rant against Trump Troll Jeffrey Lord for defending the unconstitutional executive order targeting refugees and citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries.  Governor Granholm spoke truth to power by enumerating the many ways in which Trump is abusing presidential power by ‘governing’ America as ifRead More

Watch: Kellyanne Conway Shamelessly defends ‘Upside’ of Muslim Ban

We all know that Kellyanne Conway is a right wing nut job (RWNJ) and champion Orwellian spinmaster; however, sometimes even your fiery editors at Democratic Memes marvel at how delusional her talking points are when presented with a microphone and national media coverage.   Case in point, Conway went on Fox News Sunday with ChrisRead More

Watch: Anna Navarro Brilliantly Bodyslams GOP & Trump For Muslim Ban

Boom! Anna Navarro brilliantly bodyslamed the spineless leadership of the Republican Party for their silence and support of Trump’s Muslim Ban.  Former GOP Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was no match for Navarro as the two sparred on CNN with Jake Tapper moderating. While Tapper tried to spin the ban as a temporary measure targeting “MuslimRead More

Watch: Trevor Noah Blasts Trump Muslim Ban, Voter Fraud, and Crybaby POTUS

Boom! Trevor Noah blasts Trump’s Muslim ban, voter fraud claims, and doomsday rhetoric in this hilarious and hard-hitting Daily Show clip.  Trevor Noah has truly got his finger on the pulse of American political life, as he absolutely nailed how nervous and outraged most people are across the country now that Trump has taken office.Read More