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Why did Putin sabotage the U.S. Election?

Why did Putin sabotage the U.S. Election? It’s official folks, Vladimir Putin gave the orders for Russian intelligence agencies to interfere in the U.S. Presidential. What was Putin’s aim? Senior U.S. Intelligence heads confirmed before Congress that Putin’s objective was to tip the election in favor of Donald Trump, settle a petty dispute with SecretaryRead More

*Guest Post* VP Joe Biden – “I Missed the Election, WTF Happened?!?!”

We are honored to feature a guest column from the 47th Vice President of the United States, Joseph R. Biden: Hey there kiddos, Joe here. I’m gonna be honest: I’ve been on vacation in Tijuana, on what some might call a “crazed drug bender,” since the night before Election Day. I figured it’d be aRead More

Clinton: No U.S. Ground Troops In Iraq or Syria

Boom! Secretary Clinton says no U.S. ground troops in Iraq or Syria, in a complete rejection of failed Republican foreign policy in the Middle East and Trump’s irrational rhetoric that we should carpet bomb Iraq and Syria just to steal their oil! The Trump Campaign have long labeled Secretary Clinton as a ‘hawk’ on foreignRead More

3 Reasons Republicans Are Obsessed With Hillary’s Health

  Why are Republicans so obsessed with Hillary’s Health? Why have the Media legitimized the right-wing conspiracy theory that Hillary is unfit to be president because of some mysterious health issues that the Clintons are concealing from the American people?   Well folks, we’re convinced that there are three key principles underlying the GOP hysteriaRead More

GOP Congressman claims Hillary Clinton has “Ties to Muslim Brotherhood”

GOP Congressman Sean Duffy (R-Wisconsin) claims Hillary Clinton has “Ties to the Mulsim Brotherhood.” In a heated exchange with CNN anchor Brianna Keilar, Duffy blamed CNN for failing to report Secretary Clinton’s alleged ties to the Egypt based Islamist group, claiming tha “The information is out there that she does have these ties.” Congressman DuffyRead More

Hillary: ‘No Donald, You Don’t’ Know More About ISIS

  Does Donald Trump have a secret plan to defeat ISIS? According to Secretary Clinton, “The secret is he has no plan!” We couldn’t agree more. Donald Trump claims he get his foreign policy advice from “The shows,” and recently it was revealed that he asked a key national security advisor three times “Why can’tRead More

Poll: Hillary’s Destroying Trump In Key Swing States

  Boom! Democrats are in a great mood these days as the Trump Campaign continues to nose dive in the polls. Whether it’s Ivanka Trump vacationing with Putin’s ‘girlfriend’, Campaign Manager Paul Manafort taking $12 million in bribes from Putin, or Trump wondering why we can’t use nuclear weapons the GOP nominee is practically onRead More

Poll: Hillary Clinton Destroying Trump By Double-Digits (NBC News Poll)

  Boom! The Obama-Clinton legacy is dominating the doomsday, post-apocalytic false narrative behind Trump’s fascist campaign. The latest NBC News Poll shows Secretary Clinton opening up a double-digit lead over Donald Trump. Not surprisingly, the latest poll comes after a two-week train wreck for Trump in which he insulted Gold Star Families, encouraged gun ownersRead More

Watch: Hillary Targets Income Inequality, “Deck Is Stacked” We Need To Rebuild The Middle Class

  Hillary Clinton released a stellar new ad targeting income inequality. The theme of the new campaign commercial is “The Deck Is Stacked” against ordinary Americans and we need to rebuild our economy around well-paying Middle Class jobs.   We couldn’t agree more with Secretary Clinton and we’re proud that the Democratic Party presidential hopefuls areRead More

Watch: Hillary Clinton Destroys Jeb Bush’s Absurd ‘Right To Rise’ Slogan With One Line

  Boom! Secretary Clinton came out swinging at a Florida gathering where she shared the stage with Dubya’s brother, former Governor, and born again Latino Jeb Bush. Speaking shortly before Mr. Bush took the stage, Sec. Clinton absolutely destroyed the audaciously named ‘Right To Rise’ PAC that Jeb uses as the fundraising arm of hisRead More