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Watch: Fox News Host Explodes, Compares Planned Parenthood to Killing Of Cicil The Lion “America Is A Barbaric Nation”

  Fox Business News allowed rightwing troll extraordinaire, Todd Starnes, to set the record straight once and for all: Mr. Starnes is, in fact, a complete moron. Mr. Starnes used his appearance on national television to attack Planned Parenthood and, in a bizarre analogy, compare abortion to the slaying of Cecil the lion: “At least PlannedRead More

Watch: Rick Perry Wants More Guns In Movie Theaters!

  Did he really say that? Yes, Gov. Rick Perry ACTUALLY wants more guns in movie theaters after several mass shootings in movie theaters. He feels that more guns would lead to safer outcomes for movie goers. Mr. Perry’s arguments run contrary to rational logic and presuppose that guns = safety even though everything thatRead More

Watch: Florida Man Declares “Muslim-Free Zone” At Gun Store

  In another shining example of patriotism gone wrong in Red State America, a Florida man declared his Gun Supply Store a “Muslim-Free Zone” on CNN this week. Andrew Hallinan’s said his intention is to “Offend As Many People As Possible” in order to kick-start a debate on how political correctness is destroying America.     At DemocraticMemesRead More

Tea Bagger carries assault rifle in an airport. Why? Because He Can

    The only reason to bring an assault rifle with you to the airport is if the airport has a history of other people carrying assault rifles. In America, we have never really had to worry about that, until now. Meet Jim Cooley, the most insecure man in America. Jim decided to carry anRead More

Guns Are The Problem: Stop Letting The NRA Ruin Our Safety!

  I want to pose a small hypothetical to you. What if Fox News reported that someone died in the emergency room waiting for care because the lines were so long because of the ACA? They would be screaming for the repeal and looking for other belligerent stories. Or what if we raised the speedRead More

Watch: Panelist Explodes, Destroys Conservatives With One Line

  Why are the black rioters in Baltimore called thugs by the national media and yet the skinhead biker gangs in Waco, Texas aren’t? Great Point! NYTimes columnist Charles Blow made exactly that point on CNN when he pointed out the hypocrisy in GOP talking points and conservative media outlets like Fox News. Somehow it’s aRead More

Watch: George Zimmerman Shootout!

  America’s most racist vigilante has been shot. The details are murky and emerging, but we do know George Zimmerman has been shot in the face during an apparent road rage incident. Zimmerman received minor injuries and has already been released from the hospital. Matthew Apperson has admitted to the shooting. The men are involvedRead More

Watch: Police Officer Accidentally Shoots Himself In Elevator

Yet another shining example of why we need to make Gun Safety a top priority in the United States: An off-duty police officer accidentally shot himself in an elevator as he was casually chatting with a neighbor. While our hearts go out to the officer after this tragedy, it also raises eyebrows when we considerRead More