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Watch: Heated ‘Fake News’ Exchange Erupts Between Spicer and Reporters

A heated ‘fake news’ exchange erupted between Sean Spicer and several reporters at the White House Press Briefing on Tuesday.   CNN’s Jim Acosta battled with Spicer over the Administration’s repeated, unfounded claims that CNN and the New York Times are ‘Fake News’ outlets hellbent on bringing down the Trump White House.   When pressedRead More

Anderson Cooper Explodes On Trump Troll “Is The President A Liar Or Not?”

Boom! Anderson Cooper absolutely crushed CNN’s infamous Trump troll, Jeffrey Lord, for defending Delusional Donald’s debunked wiretap claim. Cooper exploded on Lord with an epic one liner, “Is the President a liar or not?” Even conservative news outlets and prominent GOP officials have abandoned Trump’s bogus wiretapping claims, with only the truly diehard fascist trollsRead More

Russian Hackers Used Bots To Blitz Social Media With Breitbart & InfoWars Links

Wow! We are absolutely floored by the level and depth of rightwing collusion with Russia to hack the 2016 Election and elevate Donald Trump to the White House.  We know about the disgraced aides (Paul Manafort, Mike Flynn) caught red handed on the Putin payroll, we know that Russian hackers repeatedly intruded into various systemsRead More

Watch: CNN Reporter Destroys Trump With Top 5 Debunked Conspiracy List

Boom! Watch this epic takedown of Delussional Donald’s “Top 5 Debunked Conspiracies” reported by CNN.   (5) Obama manipulated the jobs report for years According to comrade Sean Spicer  “The numbers were phony then but they’re very real now.” Spicer was doubling down on Trump’s tweet from last weekend following the release of positive jobsRead More

Watch: Reporter Hammers Sean Spicer “When Can We Trust The President?”

Boom! Sean Spicer got absolutely owned this week on the issue of Delusional Donald’s trustworthiness.  When can we trust Trump? How are we supposed to know when to, and when not to, take the man seriously when his impulsive, manic tweets-storms can send the stock market into a tailspin, trigger North Korea to fire offRead More

Reporter Schools Spicer “If Trump has proof of bugging why not hand it over?”

Boom! Hallie Jackson, White House Correspodnent for NBC Nightly News, absolutely schooled Press Secretary Sean Spicer this week with one simple question: “If Trump has proof of bugging, why not just hand it over?” Now that’s brilliant journalism! It’s incredible how one single question can expose such a grandiose flaw in the Admnistration’s argument thatRead More

Watch: Wallace vs Priebus Heated Exchange “Trump can’t tell us what to do!”

Boom! You’ve got to see this epic clip of Chris Wallace sparring with Reince Priebus on Fox News Sunday!  Wallace unleashed a firestorm of facts on Priebus relating to Trump’s war with freedom of speech and freedom of the press. As John McCain said this weekend, that’s how dictatorships get started!  Trump and his croniesRead More

Watch: Morning Joe Host Bans Kellyanne “Con-job” for Fake News Propaganda

Boom! Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski banned Kellyanne Conway from appearing on the popular MSNBC show because of Conway’s notorious reputation for lies, fake news, and rightwing propaganda.  Brzezinski said, “I know for a fact she tries to book herself on this show; I won’t do it.” What a welcomed development! Between CNN’s Conway snubRead More