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Watch: Public School Teachers Shutdown Betsy DeVos Bullshit!

Boom! A group of Public School teachers shutdown Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, and called her out on her history of bullshit comments on public education.  The subset of public school teachers below were not mincing words in their stark rebuke of DeVos, who clearly is a corporate puppet aimed at siphering taxpayer money outRead More

3 Reasons Your State May Soon Legalize Marijuana 

  3 Reasons Your State May Soon Legalize Marijuana  (1) Everyone Else Is Doing It! Marijuana is now LEGAL in 28 States including medical and recreational That’s over 50% of the United States! Recreational Cannabis is now LEGAL in 16% of the U.S. (Eight great States) California, Massachusetts, Maine, and Nevada legalized adult recreational use inRead More

Watch: Ex-Reagan Advisor Proves Fox News “Self-Brainwashing” Makes Voters Less Informed

  Boom! Ex-Regan Advisor Bruce Bartlett Proves That Fox News “Self-Brainwashing” Makes Voters Less Informed.   It doesn’t get much better than this folks! When and ex-Reagan economic advisor publicly shames Fox News in an academic paper it’s like Christmas in May! Bruce Bartlett recently published an academic paper that labels Fox News as aRead More

Fox Host: U.S. Kids Joining ISIS Because Of Multiculturalism

  U.S. Kids Find The Islamic State Appealing Because Of Multiculturalism   They say money doesn’t grow on trees, but I’m pretty sure that bullshit grows on trees given how frequently Fox News parades ignorant hosts on national television and allows them to spew hateful, idiotic right-wing rhetoric. Case in point: The video below shows aRead More

Breaking: Substitute Teacher Whips Students With Belt

  Substitute Teacher Whips Students With Belt, Maryland   This is just shocking folks. We had to share this because we wanted to provoke a discussion on violence against minors. It is a sad day when taxpayers dollars go to fund public school teacher substitutes who use this kind of violence in the classroom. WhileRead More

Watch: Stephen Colbert Donates $800,000 To Public Schools

Comedian and long-time Colbert Report host Stephen Colbert dropped a bomb on his home state of South Carolina recently: He donated $800,000 to South Carolina public schools. Stephen Colbert is a comedy genius, turned comedy god, turned multi-millionaire philanthropist who significantly increased his charitable giving with this game-changing donation to fund public education in his homeRead More