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Watch: One Year Ago We Learned Trump Likes To ‘Grab’em By The P**sy’ 

One year ago America learned of the infamous ‘Grab’em by the pussy’ Access Hollywood tapes. At the time, the consensus among the news media and Democrats was that the tapes were going to tank the Trump campaign.  Now President ‘P**sy’ Grabber presides over the Federal efforts to defund planned parenthood and undermine Obamacare.  It’s hardRead More

Bye Bye Trump: Computer Genius has a Brilliant Idea to Fix Democracy!

Imagine: Donald Trump never became president and no other corrupt Trump-like figure could ever again threaten the human rights of women, muslims, and future generations. One bold computer scientist has a crazy idea to fix democracy and empower and protect all citizens: get rid of politicians altogether using cutting edge technology. Called Cicada, the ideaRead More

Watch: Trump furiously ends CBS interview after Obama wiretap question

Woah! Trump abruptly ended a CBS interview in the Oval Office when pressed by a reporter to provide evidence backing up his delusional Obama wiretap conspiracy claims.  Trump nearly lost his shit when veteran CBS News reporter John Dickerson pressed Trump twice to explain his now defunct, erratic tweets calling President Obama “bad” and “sick”Read More

Gallup Poll: Trump, Lowest First Quarter Presidential Job Approval since World War II

A recent Gallop tracking poll delivered some jaw dropping news for the Trump White House: Trump’s approval ratings having dropped to 35%!     The Washington Post are reporting that Trump “Is the first president on record to go that low without it owing to one of three things: war, Watergate or economic strife.”     That’sRead More

Trump Gives Bizarre Presser, sniffles are back & a weird exchange with King of Jordan

The sniffles are back! Trump finally condemned the Assad regime and it’s brutal gas attack on the Syrian people earlier this week.  In an odd press conference performance, Trump appeared unhinged and with perpetual loud breathing that echoed as a reminder of the second Presidential debate with Secretary Clinton.  Trump is either back on theRead More

Watch: Bizarre, Unhinged Trump storms out of press conference at White House

What is going on at 1600 Pennsylvania Aveneue these days? Oh to be but a fly on the wall in the Oval Office, as Trump fumigates and withers beneath the deluge of public scrutiny into his trainwreck administration.  Case in point, this week Trump abruptly stormed out of a press conference at the White HouseRead More

Watch: “Pod Save America” Host Rips Cable News…on CNN!

We at Democratic Memes are fans of the awesomely liberal podcast “Pod Save America,” whose co-host Jon Lovett made an appearance on CNN and rightly pointed out the nonsense that plagues cable news: Watch the Video Here! While CNN and MSNBC make valiant strides to appear “balanced” on their panels, they end up undermining theirRead More

Trump Installed “Shadow Government” Of Aides To Spy On Cabinet Secretaries

According to the Washington Post the Trump Administration have installed a “Shadow Government” across a network of 16 Federal agencies (Defense, EPA, NASA) to monitor each Trump-appointed Secretary and ensure loyalty to the Administration.  “This shadow government of political appointees with the title of senior White House adviser is embedded at every Cabinet agency, withRead More

Watch: Bill Maher and Jake Tapper Baffled By Bullshit of Trump Administration

Boom! Jake Tapper joined Real Time with Bill Maher to deliver an epic rebuke of the quantum, steaming pile of bullshit lies and conspiracy theories served up daily by the Trump Administration.  While CNN’s Jake Tapper is increasingly rising as a darling of the Trump resistance, Bill Maher pointed out that Tapper’s coverage of theRead More

Bill Maher Crushes Trump budget plan “Millions lose healthcare & rich get giant tax cut”

Boom! Bill Maher absolutely crushed Trump’s newly released 2017-2018 Budget in an epic opening monologue on Friday’s Real Time with Bill Maher. The Trump budget plan introduces a wave of deplorable Republican plans, such as:  Massive increase in military spending Devastating cuts to Department of State (who needs diplomacy?)  Strips healthcare coverage from 24 MillionRead More