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Watch: Trump Turkey Tweets Utterly Moronic 

Watch: Trump Turkey Tweets Utterly We all knew Trump was a moron, but do we truly know how deep the rabbit hole goes? It’s like we’re in the Matrix and I just want to take the blue pill and go back to a simpler life. Unfortunately folks, yesterday the Electoral College vetoed our democracy. ThanksRead More

Watch: Hillary Targets Income Inequality, “Deck Is Stacked” We Need To Rebuild The Middle Class

  Hillary Clinton released a stellar new ad targeting income inequality. The theme of the new campaign commercial is “The Deck Is Stacked” against ordinary Americans and we need to rebuild our economy around well-paying Middle Class jobs.   We couldn’t agree more with Secretary Clinton and we’re proud that the Democratic Party presidential hopefuls areRead More

Watch: Hillary Clinton Destroys Jeb Bush’s Absurd ‘Right To Rise’ Slogan With One Line

  Boom! Secretary Clinton came out swinging at a Florida gathering where she shared the stage with Dubya’s brother, former Governor, and born again Latino Jeb Bush. Speaking shortly before Mr. Bush took the stage, Sec. Clinton absolutely destroyed the audaciously named ‘Right To Rise’ PAC that Jeb uses as the fundraising arm of hisRead More

Stewart: Watching Trump Is Like ‘Eating Ice Cream On A Roller Coaster Made Of Blowjobs’

    Man oh man are we going to miss Jon Stewart when he signs off as host of the daily show this week! Stewart’s astute political commentary is so spot on it’s like he has his finger on the pulse of America. In the clip below Stewart solves America’s obsession with ‘The Donald’ byRead More

Watch: Bernie Sanders Rally “We Need Serious Change In Criminal Justice”

  Bernie Sanders is the real deal folks. The Vermont Senator is speaking to swelling rallies across the country on the need to reform our criminal justice system, provide a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, and reduce the influence of money in politics. Income inequality and the plight of the middle and working classRead More

Watch: President Obama Trolls 2016 GOP Field “If I Ran Again I Could Win!”

  President Obama was in Ethiopia today and delivered an impressive speech to a packed audience on the virtues of transfer of power in constitutional democracy. However, given POTUS’ tremendous success and rising popularity, President Obama couldn’t resist a hilarious jab at Republicans when he said “I actually think I’m a pretty good president. IfRead More

The TPP Dilema For Democrats

Trade deals have always been a complicated affair for Democrats, as the idea behind them is to break down trade barriers and encourage the free flow of goods and services between countries; something that is often hampered by things like tariffs placed on foreign goods (to protect domestic industries) and different rules and regulations regardingRead More

101 Things To Campaign For Before the Metric System

Banning caramel macchiatos, mandatory yoga breaks, and requiring attendance at Newport polo matches are all potential issues equally important to our fine nation and equally as likely to be the next platform plank of Lincoln Chaffee’s noble campaign for president. Earlier this week, former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee appeared on national television, in aRead More

Watch: Lincoln Chafee Blasts Hillary Clinton “Too Hawkish…Decades Of Questionable Ethical Practices”

  Former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee came out swinging today in an interview with Chris Cuomo on CNN.   Gov. Chafee said of Secretary Clinton and her husband President Clinton that the couple has, “A long record going back over decades of questionable ethical practices.” Gov. Chafee also went on to say that thereRead More

Watch out Hillary, Bernie is for real: Overcapacity Rally In Minneapolis!

Image: MidwestDem captured this image of the overflow section of a Sanders 2016 Rally in Minneapolis   Watch out Hillary, Bernie is for real! I attended a Sanders’ campaign event this morning and I was in awe by how large the crowd was and the make up of the crowd. Sanders addressed this crowd atRead More