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Watch: DNC Debate “Voter ID Laws Are In Violation Of The US Constitution”

Boom! Did anyone catch the fireworks at the CNN DNC Debate last night? As a Democrat, we are inspired by how deep our bench is in terms of the future leadership of the Democratic Party.  We need to continue to come out swinging against any and all Trump initiatives that seek to enact draconian voterRead More

Watch: Bernie Destroys Ted Cruz in 90 Seconds At CNN Town Hall Debate 

Boom! We have another must see video for you folks, and it packs a serious punch: Bernie Sanders absolutely destroyed Ted Cruz in an epic CNN Town Hall Debate on Obamacare.  We all know Senator Sanders is a fiery liberal firebrand, purveyor of truth, and progressive extraordinaire; however, seeing Bernie go toe to toe withRead More

Sen. Warren Shames Trump’s Labor Pick For Breaking Labor Laws

Sen. Warren Shames Trump’s Labor Pick For Breaking Labor Laws! Boom! Senator Elizabeth Warren, the Liberal Lion of the U.S. Senate, absolutely destroyed Trump’s pick for Labor Secretary, Andrew Puzder, for repeatedly breaking labor laws at his fast food chains Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s.  If confirmed as @USDOL Secretary, Andrew Puzder would oversee enforcement ofRead More

Watch: Tim Kaine Slams Trump as “Putin’s Defense Lawyer”

Watch: Tim Kaine Slams Trump as “Putin’s Defense Lawyer!” Boom! Senator Tim Kaine slams Donald Trump for being a traitor and defending Putin like a defense attorney.  It’s truly disgusting to see Trump parade his disinformation in Tweets, and Fox News interviews via surrogates, refusing to acknowledge the painful truth that he is  an illegitimateRead More

Watch: House Republicans Collapse, Reverse Ethics Power Grab

  Watch: House Republicans Collapse, Reverse Ethics Power Grab.   The GOP Congress is a train wreck. We know it, they know it, and we need to ensure that Americans know it before the 2018 midterms so we can eject these radical rightwing extremists from Congress.   I digress, the video below summarizes how HouseRead More

5 Reasons President Obama is one of the greatest of all time

  Barack Obama is one of the greatest presidents of all time. But don’t just take our word for it, let’s examine the evidence. With President Obama entering the twilight of his second term as the 2016 presidential campaign heads up, his popularity is soaring as millions of Americans embrace the stellar record, steady hand,Read More

Watch: Obama Press Secretary Explodes at Trump, Russia Hacks

  Watch: Obama Press Secretary Explodes at Trump, Russia Hacks   Boom! Yet another stunning, public rebuke of Trump’s sham electoral ‘victory’ orchestrated by Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is absolutely unfathomable that Trump would discredit the integrity of the more than 17 federal agencies that pointed to evidence of Russian interference in the 2016Read More

*Guest Post* VP Joe Biden – “I Missed the Election, WTF Happened?!?!”

We are honored to feature a guest column from the 47th Vice President of the United States, Joseph R. Biden: Hey there kiddos, Joe here. I’m gonna be honest: I’ve been on vacation in Tijuana, on what some might call a “crazed drug bender,” since the night before Election Day. I figured it’d be aRead More

Watch: Colbert Roasts Trump #PizzaGate Conspiracy

Colbert Roasts Trump #PizzaGate Conspiracy! Boom! Thank you Stephen Colbert for being the voice of reason. This hard hitting, hilarious segment absolutely destroys the ridiculous right wing conspiracy around #PizzaGate and the erroneous claims that Hillary Clinton and John Podesta ran a child sex ring out of a D.C. pizza place.  The fact devoid gremlinsRead More

Watch: “The Legacy of President Obama”

  Watch: The Legacy of President Obama What an incredible ride it’s been over the past eight years. Does anyone else remember the joy, the inescapable sense of hope and opportunity that we felt on Inauguration Day in January 2009? CNN’s Fareed Zakaria produced this spectacular look back on President Obama’s tenure in the OvalRead More