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Watch: Tonight’s GOP Debate! Who Won And How The Candidates Were Selected (Funny Or Die)

  Early results are in from tonight’s GOP debate and the early favorites are: Chuck Norris, Ronald Reagan, and Benghazi. Wait, Benghazi isn’t a candidate? Why are people always talking about him? I’m confused…   Funny Or Die released a hilarious video outlining how candidates were selected for tonight’s first in the nation GOP debate. Hint:Read More

Watch: Obama Calls Trump With Debate Advice (Jimmy Fallon)

  Ever wonder what it would be like if President Obama called Donald Trump with last minute debate prep advice? I mean, POTUS knows a thing or two about debating on the national stage, under the big bright lights, and coming out on top. Right? #TwoTerms   Anyhow, Jimmy Fallon brought his comedic genius toRead More

Watch: Donald Trump’s Lawyer Apologizes For Saying You Cannot Rape Your Wife (Funny Or Die)

  Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cowen, set off a media frenzy this week when he got into an argument with a reporter for the Daily Beast about Trump’s ex-wife and her claims that Trump made her feel “Violated” during sex. Mr. Cowen defended trump by saying “You can’t rape your spouse” which sounds EXACTLY likeRead More