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Watch: Colbert Roasts Trump #PizzaGate Conspiracy

Colbert Roasts Trump #PizzaGate Conspiracy! Boom! Thank you Stephen Colbert for being the voice of reason. This hard hitting, hilarious segment absolutely destroys the ridiculous right wing conspiracy around #PizzaGate and the erroneous claims that Hillary Clinton and John Podesta ran a child sex ring out of a D.C. pizza place.  The fact devoid gremlinsRead More

Watch: Daily Show reporter trolls Trump ‘Victory tour’

  Daily Show reporter trolls Trump ‘Victory tour’   Boom! The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper expertly trolled the parade of ‘Pepes’ and ‘Deplorables’ that gathered at a recent Trump “Victory Tour” rally in Ohio.   You don’t have a be a ‘Coastal Elite’ to take sweet pleasure at the video sketch below highlighting the sad,Read More

Watch: Seth Meyers Unleashes on Trump Lies

Seth Meyers unleashes on Trump lies! Boom! What a segment from Late Night with Seth Meyers. Let’s face it folks, Trump and his army of deplorables are effectively living in an alternate reality.  Trump’s consistent strategy of demonizing the Press in order to spoon feed his supporters uninformed, fascist non-sense has created a world inRead More

Watch: SNL Destroys Trump’s Most Absurd Tweets

SNL Destroys Trump’s Most Absurd Tweets First, let’s acknowledge how incredible Alec Baldwin’s recurring Trump impersonation is on Saturday Night Live! In fact, it’s so good that Trump continues to tweet about Baldwin in an absurd, juvenile form. Clearly the writers at SNL have gotten under Trump’s skin. It’s not like the president-elect has anythingRead More

Is Trump Too Fat To Be President??

Shocking news made its way around the country yesterday, as David Plouffe and Senator Harry Reid revealed that Donald Drumpf is the heaviest nominee for President since William Howard Taft! Taft, as we know, was known as our portliest President who once got stuck in a White House bathtub*. In light of this recent revelation,Read More

John Oliver Asks Donald Trump To Drop Out

  Boom! Hello America, it’s time for another installment of “Donald Trump is ruining America but we can’t turn away because it matters too much!” In this week’s installment, we turn to our friend John Oliver who poetically proposed this week that Donald Trump drop out of the 2016 race for the White House. Why?Read More

*Guest Post* VP Joe Biden – Donald Trump Is Full Of Malarkey

We are honored to feature a guest column from the 44th Vice President of the United States, Joseph R. Biden: Hey kids, Joe here – Let me begin with a simple idea about our good friend, Mr. Trump – honestly no boos or applause, OK? OK? Can you BELIEVE this guy?! I’m serious, everybody. LookRead More

Watch: Crazy CNN Interview With The ‘Stump For Trump’ Donald Trump YouTube Supporters

  We found another hidden gem for you: The ‘Stump For Trump’ Ladies! Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson are YouTube celebrities from North Carolina and the most enthusiastic Tump 2016 supporters you will ever meet. CNN’s Don Lemon lost control of this segment as the ‘Stump For Trump Girls’ exploded on air.   Here at Democratic Memes weRead More

Watch: Tonight’s GOP Debate! Who Won And How The Candidates Were Selected (Funny Or Die)

  Early results are in from tonight’s GOP debate and the early favorites are: Chuck Norris, Ronald Reagan, and Benghazi. Wait, Benghazi isn’t a candidate? Why are people always talking about him? I’m confused…   Funny Or Die released a hilarious video outlining how candidates were selected for tonight’s first in the nation GOP debate. Hint:Read More

Watch: Obama Calls Trump With Debate Advice (Jimmy Fallon)

  Ever wonder what it would be like if President Obama called Donald Trump with last minute debate prep advice? I mean, POTUS knows a thing or two about debating on the national stage, under the big bright lights, and coming out on top. Right? #TwoTerms   Anyhow, Jimmy Fallon brought his comedic genius toRead More