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Watch: Epic Video Montage Highlights Trump’s Top 100 Failures in First 100 Days!

Boom! The folks at Funny or Die created an epic video montage of Trump’s Top 100 Failures in his first 100 Days that will leave you laughing for hours!   With so much material to draw from, it’s a miracle the Funny or Die crew were able to narrow the list to just 100 Failures!  All theRead More

Watch: Comedy Central torches Trump with new series “The President’s Show”

Boom! Donald Trump is getting his own talk show, well sort of, as Comedy Central is set to debut “The President Show” with brilliant Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik.   In the clip below, CNN goes behind the scenes to better understand the motivations behind the new TV show aimed at “Robbing Trump of his ownRead More

Watch: Daily Show “Sean Spicer Kindergarten Press Secretary” Sketch Is Epic

Boom! The Daily Show destroyed Sean Spicer with an epic “Kindergarten Press Secretary” sketch that brilliantly underscores the adversarial relationship between Spicer and The White House Press Corps.  Sean Spicer lost credibility early on in his tenure with absurd exaggerations of innauguration crowd sizes and never quite recovered.  Now the daily press briefing is homeRead More

Watch: Colbert Obliterates Sean Spicer with epic roast that asks “Is he shrinking?”

Boom! Stephen Colbert absolutely obliterated Sean Spicer this week with an epic roast in his Late Show monologue.  Sean Spicer, the laughing stock of the Trump Administration, was absolutely skewered by Colbert for making the ludacris claim earlier this week that Trump’s €78k gift earlier this week to the Interior Department was “Generous” even thoughRead More

Bill Maher Destroys Trump “Last Cold War the White House was on our side!”

Boom! Bill Maher destroyed Trump’s unending Russia scandal with an epic monologue full of hardhitting one liners, including one pointed jab on “The New Cold War” brewing between the United States and Russia: “In the last Cold War the White House was on our side!” Unfortunately Delusional Donald is not going to be able toRead More

Watch: Daily Show Roasts Trump Supreme Court Pick For “Action Hero” Hearing

Boom! The Daily Show brilliantly roasted Trump’s Surpreme Court pick, Neil Gorsuch, for delivering a performance fit for an “action hero” at his confirmation hearing on Tuesday.  Gorsuch delivered one liners to tough questions that could have been ripped from a Hollywood blockbuster, like when he was asked what he would do if Trump askedRead More

Watch: Daily Show Invades Tennessee Trump Rally To Troll Army of Deplorables 

Boom! The Daily Show are back on the Trump campaign trail…wait what are we saying, is Trump really back on the campaign trail? Apparently so, and the deplorables are back in droves with their “Make America Great Again” hats, “Lock her up” chants, and “Trump that bitch shirts.”  After interviewing dozens of deplroables, it feltRead More

Winner Announcement: Create Your Own Trump Conspiracy Competiton!

Public service announcement: The following is “Fake News” from the liberal media establishment otherwise known as “The comments section of Democratic Memes!”  Congratulations John Merrick! You are the winner of the inaugural “Create your own Trump conspiracy” competition. A contest so coveted that we award the “Oscar Donkey” to the most creative Trump conspiracy theorist! Read More

John Oliver: “It’s not often you can say Trump should have touched that woman”

Boom! John Oliver brought the house down with an epic one liner from Trump’s awkward exchange with Chancellor Merkel in which he refused to shake her hand in front of the camera: “It’s not often that you can say ‘Trump really should have touched that woman!” The audience erupted with laughter (and so did we!)Read More

Watch: Colbert Diagram Reveals Inner Secrets of Trump-Putin Relationship

    Boom! Stephen Colbert revealed a ‘top secret’ diagram (wink wink) on “The Late Show” last night to help us all make sense of the complexities of the mysterious relationship between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.       Colbert began with an epic takedown mocking softball media coverage of Trump’s address to aRead More