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Trump Threatens Gov’t Shutdown Unless Hooters Honor Expired 2016 Coupon

Democratic Memes Breaking News: Trump Threatens Government Shutdown Unless Hooters Honor Expired 2016 Coupon.  That’s right folks, Delusional Donald is at it again making idle threats to Shutdown the federal government, sending the stock market plunging (yet again), over a new juvenile list of demands–this time taking aim at one of the most notorious brandsRead More

Watch: Bill Maher Destroys Republican “Troll Culture” For Killing Our Democracy

Boom! Bill Maher destroyed Republican “Troll Culture” for killing our democracy and refusing to govern.  Whether it’s Trump appointing Scott Pruitt, a vocal climate change denier, as EPA Director, or inviting the Russians into the Oval Office to leak classified intelligence, Republicans appear incapable of governing responsibly. They only care about putting points on theRead More

Watch: Trump ROASTED by Epic musical parody “Think before he tweets!”

Boom! Trump got absolutely roasted by internet celebrity @RandyRainbow in an epic musical parody of Carrie Underwood’s infamous ballot “Before he cheats” entitled: “Before he tweets!”   Randy expertly crafted the lyrical takedown of Trump by delivering a ‘greatest hits’ of the mean girl moments, bizarre misogyny, and deteriorating mental health that epitomize the TrumpRead More

Watch: Bill Maher Torches Trump “You’re never too rich to be white trash!”

Boom! Bill Maher torched Trump yet again this week during his opening monologue on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher.  Maher began with Trump’s Twitter war this week with the co-hosts of Morning Joe and put the whole controversy to bed when he brilliantly pointed out that Trump’s deranged actions prove yet again that “You’reRead More

Watch: Robert Mueller is so far up Trump’s ass he had to ask Putin to scoot over

Boom! Bill Maher destroyed Trump yet again this week with another epic monologue on this week’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.”  The theme of the monologue was “This is not normal” and Maher emphasized the ridiculous leaks this week that Trump is considering firing Special Prosecutor and former FBI Director, Robert Mueller, who was appointedRead More

Watch: “Oh, the Places Those Tiny Hands Will Go!” Noah Hammers Trump

Boom! Trevor Noah returned from a week long hiatus from the Daily Show deliver a hard-hitting, hilarious segment covering Trump’s first foreign trip entitled: “Oh, the places those tiny hands will go!”   First, Trevor Noah hammered Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia and the hypocrisy of a $110 Billion arms deal┬áto the home of nineteenRead More

Watch: Bill Maher torches Trump’s train wreck week, Impeachment is coming!

Boom! Bill Maher dropped an epic monologue last night that absolutely torched Trump for a train wreck week of unforced errors and inept treason.  And when we say inept, we mean he couldn’t help but screw up treason as well, admitting publicly this week to several unforced errors, including: Admitting publicly to leaking top secretRead More

Watch: Epic Video Montage Highlights Trump’s Top 100 Failures in First 100 Days!

Boom! The folks at Funny or Die created an epic video montage of Trump’s Top 100 Failures in his first 100 Days that will leave you laughing for hours!   With so much material to draw from, it’s a miracle the Funny or Die crew were able to narrow the list to just 100 Failures!  All theRead More

Watch: Comedy Central torches Trump with new series “The President’s Show”

Boom! Donald Trump is getting his own talk show, well sort of, as Comedy Central is set to debut “The President Show” with brilliant Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik.   In the clip below, CNN goes behind the scenes to better understand the motivations behind the new TV show aimed at “Robbing Trump of his ownRead More

Watch: Daily Show “Sean Spicer Kindergarten Press Secretary” Sketch Is Epic

Boom! The Daily Show destroyed Sean Spicer with an epic “Kindergarten Press Secretary” sketch that brilliantly underscores the adversarial relationship between Spicer and The White House Press Corps.  Sean Spicer lost credibility early on in his tenure with absurd exaggerations of innauguration crowd sizes and never quite recovered.  Now the daily press briefing is homeRead More