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GOP VP Mike Pence: “Trump is not an experienced politician”

  Ordinarily when someone lacks experience for a job, their resume is quickly discarded in favor of more appropriately qualified applicants. Then again, there is nothing ‘ordinary’ or ‘appropriate’ about the modern Republican Party, leading us to the sad state of affairs we find ourselves in today: A fascist megalomaniac hellbent on destroying the post-WWIIRead More

Poll: Trump Losing African American Vote By 90%!

  Boom! The most recent NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll of likely African American voters shows Secretary Clinton with a whopping 90% lead over Donald Trump! Contrary to Trumps cheap, facile overtures to court the black vote in recent weeks, recent polling coupled with a 30 year record of doing absolutely nothing for African Americans likely contributedRead More

CNN Panel Explodes: “Trump is on the cutting edge of civil rights”

  How ignorant do you have to be to say something like, “Trump is on the cutting edge of civil rights” on national television? Well folks, that’s exactly what Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany argued on CNN recently before the panel exploded at the ridiculousness of Kayleigh’s logic. Kayleigh also suggested that Angela Rye and BakariRead More

Trump TakeDown: Fareed Zakaria “Trump Is A Bull Shit Artist”

    Boom! Did anyone catch Fareed Zakaria’s masterful takedown of Trump this morning on CNN’s Zakaria GPS? Fareed held no punches, and eloquently outlined the case for why Trump is a pathological liar and bullshit artist. There is a growing body of social science research to back up Fareed’s claim about Trump, and itRead More

Watch: Trump Explodes When Questioned About Immigration Plan “Deport Families”

  Donald Trump went off the deep end on Sunday when interviewed by Chuck Todd of NBC’s Meet The Press about his abrasive, anti-immigrant rhetoric. When pressed about the specifics of his immigration plan on board his private jet, Trump exploded at Chuck Todd and insisted that we needed to deport families because “We eitherRead More

Watch: Crazy CNN Interview With The ‘Stump For Trump’ Donald Trump YouTube Supporters

  We found another hidden gem for you: The ‘Stump For Trump’ Ladies! Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson are YouTube celebrities from North Carolina and the most enthusiastic Tump 2016 supporters you will ever meet. CNN’s Don Lemon lost control of this segment as the ‘Stump For Trump Girls’ exploded on air.   Here at Democratic Memes weRead More

Watch: Donald Trump “I Whine Until I Win”, CNN Host “You Threatened To Sue My Parents For Giving Birth To Me!”

  This is a MUST WATCH video! The King of Right Wing Nut Jobs (RWNJ) Donald Trump sat down with CNN’s Chris Cuomo for a scintillating interview to discuss Trump’s 2016 Campaign and his aggressive, ‘rough’ style of politics. In response to the ongoing feud between Trump and Fox News following the first GOP Debate, and Trump’s TwitterRead More