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Trump TakeDown: Fareed Zakaria “Trump Is A Bull Shit Artist”

    Boom! Did anyone catch Fareed Zakaria’s masterful takedown of Trump this morning on CNN’s Zakaria GPS? Fareed held no punches, and eloquently outlined

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Watch: Trump Explodes When Questioned About Immigration Plan “Deport Families”

  Donald Trump went off the deep end on Sunday when interviewed by Chuck Todd of NBC’s Meet The Press about his abrasive, anti-immigrant rhetoric.

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Watch: Crazy CNN Interview With The ‘Stump For Trump’ Donald Trump YouTube Supporters

  We found another hidden gem for you: The ‘Stump For Trump’ Ladies! Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson are YouTube celebrities from North Carolina and the most

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Watch: Donald Trump “I Whine Until I Win”, CNN Host “You Threatened To Sue My Parents For Giving Birth To Me!”

  This is a MUST WATCH video! The King of Right Wing Nut Jobs (RWNJ) Donald Trump sat down with CNN’s Chris Cuomo for a scintillating

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