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Watch: Anderson Cooper “If Trump took a dump on his desk you’d defend it!”

Boom! Folks, CNN’s Anderson Cooper finally lost patience for resident Trump troll and chief apologist, Jeffrey Lord.  In the hilarious clip below, Anderson Cooper snapped at Jeffrey Lord for defending Trump’s lude comments about FBI Director Jim Comey, in which the ‘Orange Blob’ openly bragged to the Russians in the Oval Office that Comey wasRead More

Watch: Congress avoids Government Shutdown, no funding for Border Wall

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle reached an agreement on a $1 trillion spending bill to avert a government shutdown.  Trump’s proposed budget and childish demands were so ridiculous that many feared the gulf was too wide and a government shutdown was imminent given the impasse on federal spending.  The funding bill delivered yetRead More

Watch: Comedy Central torches Trump with new series “The President’s Show”

Boom! Donald Trump is getting his own talk show, well sort of, as Comedy Central is set to debut “The President Show” with brilliant Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik.   In the clip below, CNN goes behind the scenes to better understand the motivations behind the new TV show aimed at “Robbing Trump of his ownRead More

Watch: CNN Panel Erupts As Trump Fan Defends $22 million Mar-a-Lago TripsĀ 

Boom! Don Lemon presided over a CNN panel that erupted when a Trump supporter offered a ridiculous excuse for the ludicrously expensive golf trips to Mar-a-Lago that Delusional Donald takes nearly every weekend.  Lemon began the segment with a damning revelation, “We crunched the numbers and found that the president has spent six weekends andRead More

Watch: CNN Anchor Destroys GOP Congressman for Assad gas attack denial

Boom! CNN’s Kate Bolduan destroyed GOP Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) for his bizarre denial of the Assad regime’s brutal gas attack against the Syrian people.  Massie, a Republican from Kentucky, insisted over and over again that “I don’t think it would serve Bashar al-Assad’s purposes to attack his people with chemical weapons.” Even Trump cameRead More

Watch: CNN Panel Erupts As Trump Troll Smears Susan Rice With Fake News

Boom! Trump trolls Jack Kingston and Jason Miller got obliterated by CNN’s Van Jones and Anderson Cooper for peddling a ridiculous, fake news smear against former National Security Adviser Susan Rice.  Kingston, a former Republican Congressman from Georgia, and Miller, a disgraced former Trump communications staffer,  are well known to peddle radical rightwing talking points;Read More

Watch: “Pod Save America” Host Rips Cable News…on CNN!

We at Democratic Memes are fans of the awesomely liberal podcast “Pod Save America,” whose co-host Jon Lovett made an appearance on CNN and rightly pointed out the nonsense that plagues cable news: Watch the Video Here! While CNN and MSNBC make valiant strides to appear “balanced” on their panels, they end up undermining theirRead More

Anderson Cooper Explodes On Trump Troll “Is The President A Liar Or Not?”

Boom! Anderson Cooper absolutely crushed CNN’s infamous Trump troll, Jeffrey Lord, for defending Delusional Donald’s debunked wiretap claim. Cooper exploded on Lord with an epic one liner, “Is the President a liar or not?” Even conservative news outlets and prominent GOP officials have abandoned Trump’s bogus wiretapping claims, with only the truly diehard fascist trollsRead More

CNN Host Crushes Trump For FBI Hypocrisy “Comey giveth, Comey taketh”

Boom! The Trump Administration are feeling the heat today as FBI Director James Comey testified before the House Intelligence Committee about agency investigations into possible collision between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.  The irony of Comey’s testimony today is profoundly Shakespearean, coming just months after the FBI Director tipped the scales of theRead More

Watch: Fareed Zakaria “Trump is a Bullshitter, Degrading the Presidency”

Boom! You have to be an enormous fuck up for the ever distinguished gentleman scholar, Fareed Zakaria, to call you a “Bullshitter” on national television.   However, Fareed has clearly had enough of Trump’s bullshit and held no punches in a recent interview on CNN regarding Trump’s recent meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.  FareedRead More