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Watch: John Lewis “Trump Is Not A Legitimate President”

Boom! Legendary Congressman and Civil Rights Leader John Lewis (D – GA) dropped a bombshell on NBC’s Chuck Todd by calming proclaiming, “Donald Trump is NOT a legitimate President.”   We are so proud of Congressman Lewis’ valiant and honorable career in public service. Lewis, who has served in Congress for three decades, did not mince wordsRead More

Video: Seth Meyers slams Trump for ‘fake news’ tirade targeting CNN

Boom! Seth Meyers leveled an eloquent, sharply worded critique of President-elect Trump’s recent tirade targeting CNN and Buzzfeed as “Fake news.” Meyers stressed how unfit, unpresidential, and unnerving it is for the President-elect to label respectable journalism as “Fake news” simply because Mr. Trump disagrees with the content of the reporting.  While Trump’s disdain forRead More

Watch: KKK Protesters Disrupt Jeff Sessions Confirmation Hearing

Watch: KKK Protesters Disrupt Jeff Sessions Confirmation Hearing Two protesters dressed in KKK garb were ejected from GOP Sen. Jeff Sessions’s (R – AL) Senate confirmation hearing this afternoon after shouting “You can’t arrest me, I’m white!”  The two men were also sporting foam fingers with bold text such as: “Go Jeff Boy” and “KKK”. Read More

3 Reasons Your State May Soon Legalize Marijuana 

  3 Reasons Your State May Soon Legalize Marijuana  (1) Everyone Else Is Doing It! Marijuana is now LEGAL in 28 States including medical and recreational That’s over 50% of the United States! Recreational Cannabis is now LEGAL in 16% of the U.S. (Eight great States) California, Massachusetts, Maine, and Nevada legalized adult recreational use inRead More

Trump Security Adviser Met Neo-Nazi Group

      Trump Security Adviser Met Neo-Nazi Group   Multiple News Outlets are reporting that Trump’s Senior National Security Adviser, Ret. Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, recently met a far-right, anti-immigrant Austrian political leader whose party was founded by WWII Nazis!   That’s right folks, Trump has placed known nazi sympathizers into the highest ranksRead More

Watch: Obama Press Secretary Explodes at Trump, Russia Hacks

  Watch: Obama Press Secretary Explodes at Trump, Russia Hacks   Boom! Yet another stunning, public rebuke of Trump’s sham electoral ‘victory’ orchestrated by Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is absolutely unfathomable that Trump would discredit the integrity of the more than 17 federal agencies that pointed to evidence of Russian interference in the 2016Read More

Watch: O’Reilly Explodes As Trump Says 14th Amendment Is Unconstitutional”, “Our Country Is Going To Hell”

  Go home Donald Trump, you’re drunk! Our friend Mr. Trump, aka Orange Is The New Quack, apparently has been getting legal advice from pre-Civil War Supreme Court briefs because ‘The Donald’ thinks that the 14th Amendment is unconstitutional. You know, the same 14th Amendment that, like, made former slaves U.S. citizens and entitled AfricanRead More

Watch: Hillary Clinton Destroys Jeb Bush’s Absurd ‘Right To Rise’ Slogan With One Line

  Boom! Secretary Clinton came out swinging at a Florida gathering where she shared the stage with Dubya’s brother, former Governor, and born again Latino Jeb Bush. Speaking shortly before Mr. Bush took the stage, Sec. Clinton absolutely destroyed the audaciously named ‘Right To Rise’ PAC that Jeb uses as the fundraising arm of hisRead More

Watch: Former Virginia Attorney General Says Black Lives Don’t Matter!

  “No, we’re saying stop killing us!” It’s shameful when an African American leader has to reiterate this on national television to a former Attorney General of Virginia. Why is it so hard to compute the concept that black lives matter? No one is saying that black lives matter more than White lives, or LatinoRead More

Watch: Rick Perry Wants More Guns In Movie Theaters!

  Did he really say that? Yes, Gov. Rick Perry ACTUALLY wants more guns in movie theaters after several mass shootings in movie theaters. He feels that more guns would lead to safer outcomes for movie goers. Mr. Perry’s arguments run contrary to rational logic and presuppose that guns = safety even though everything thatRead More