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Breaking: 38% Of Trump Appointees Are Campaign Donors

Breaking: 38% Of Trump Appointees Are Campaign Donor Donald Trump is undoubtedly the most corrupt President-elect in U.S. history. We written extensively on Trump’s conflicts of interests, and the many impeachable offenses underwriting his nascent Administration; however, the stench of corruption appears to grow more pungent by the day. On Tuesday, December 27th, Politico published a storyRead More

Watch: CNN Host Calls Hillary Clinton “Wealthy Fat Cat”

  Is Hillary Clinton’s Wealth A Problem? Is She A Wealthy “Fat Cat?” We certainly don’t agree with the second question, but there is certainly a perception problem right now regarding Hillary Clinton’s wealth that runs the risk of rubbing prospective voters the wrong way. Certainly it will be challenging for her in the DemocraticRead More

Marco Rubio’s Billionaire Sugar Daddy: Norman Braman

Ever since Citizen’s United, Republican candidates have been all over dirty money like flies on cow shit. Sadly candidates don’t even hide it anymore, they flaunt it. The Koch Brothers were named to last year’s Time’s 100 Most Influential People, and this year’s most influential people. If you look at these articles closely you willRead More