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Watch: Special Watergate Prosecutor “It looks like clear proof of collusion!”

Boom! Fmr. Asst. Watergate special prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks dropped a bombshell comment on MSNBC last night following the New York Times report on Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer in June 2016.  “It looks like clear proof of collusion.” It doesn’t get more clear cut and damning than that from a womanRead More

Watch: Journalist Exposes 41 Mysterious Deaths Linked To Putin Critics

NBC Journalist Richard Engel delivered a shocking correspondence from the G-20 Summit in Hamburg that exposes the dangerously high murder rate among Putin critics.  As a matter of fact, in recent years the death count has risen as high as 41. That’s 41 mysterious and unsolved murders linked to journalists, ex-Kremlin officials, businessmen, and criticsRead More

Watch: Journalist Grills Treasury Secretary On Trump-Putin Cyber Deal

Boom! George Stephanopoulos grilled Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin on the Trump-Putin cyber deal that ‘Crooked Donald’ announced this weekend via Twitter.  Putin & I discussed forming an impenetrable Cyber Security unit so that election hacking, & many other negative things, will be guarded.. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 9, 2017 Mnunchin tried to justifyRead More

Watch: Australian Journalist Delivers Brutal Takedown of Trump At G20

Boom! We’ve found a must watch clip of an Australian journalist delivering the most devastatingly honest and brutal assessments of Trump’s performance at the G-20 Summit in Hamburg last week.  The journalist began by asking the rhetorical question: What did we learn about Trump at the G-20 Summit: “And we’ve also learned that he hasRead More

Watch: Democrat Explodes On ‘Unpatriotic’ GOP Support Of Trump-Putin Alliance 

Boom! Maxine Waters (D-CA) exploded during an MSNBC and questioned the patriotism of Republcians who continue to support Trump siding with Putin rather than the American people.  Congresswoman Waters is a well known Trump critic and firstly Democratic role model for progressives searching for a narrative to confront and combat the Trump Administration.  In theRead More

Watch: Corey Booker Delivers Epic Takedown of ‘Immoral’ GOP Health Bill

Boom! Senator Corey Booker delivered and epic takedown of the ‘Immoral’ GOP Healthcare Bill currently working its way through the Senate.  We all know that the Republican bill led by Obamacare arsonist Mitch McConnell will thrust 22 million Americans into the ranks of the uninsured just to pay for a massive tax cut for theRead More

Watch: The real reason Trump didn’t ‘yank’ Putin’s hand during their G20 showdown!

Why didn’t Trump ‘yank’ Putin’s hand during their G20 meeting handshake?  This is a legitimate question considering that the macho ‘handshake yank’ has kind of become Trump’s weird quirk at meetings with world leaders and cabinet members.  Consider this epic exchange between Macron and Trump at their first meeting just a few months ago: InRead More

Watch: Trump ROASTED by Epic musical parody “Think before he tweets!”

Boom! Trump got absolutely roasted by internet celebrity @RandyRainbow in an epic musical parody of Carrie Underwood’s infamous ballot “Before he cheats” entitled: “Before he tweets!”   Randy expertly crafted the lyrical takedown of Trump by delivering a ‘greatest hits’ of the mean girl moments, bizarre misogyny, and deteriorating mental health that epitomize the TrumpRead More

Watch: Ana Navarro explodes on Trump for CNN Bodyslam Tweet 

Boom! CNN contributor Ana Navarro went on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday and exploded on Trump for his unhinged tweet inciting violence against CNN.  Navarro said of Trump “He’s going to get someone killed in the media” in regards to Trump’s relentless attacks on the Press and most recent tweet glorifying violence against CNN.  SpeakingRead More

Watch: Bill Maher Torches Trump “You’re never too rich to be white trash!”

Boom! Bill Maher torched Trump yet again this week during his opening monologue on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher.  Maher began with Trump’s Twitter war this week with the co-hosts of Morning Joe and put the whole controversy to bed when he brilliantly pointed out that Trump’s deranged actions prove yet again that “You’reRead More